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4K Video is Going to be Amazing! 7 Examples to Check Out Now



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The Next Big Enhancement in What we are Watching on the Web and on Our TVs is 4K Video, and it's Pretty Sweet

4K Video “refers to a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixel”. The television standard for 4K is also referred to as Ultra Hi Def. It comes in a few flavors (check out this Wikipedia page to learn more), but the bottom line is improved resolution that looks great on most displays and is going to be awesome on 4K-capable displays.

Below are a handful of example 4K videos. It's cool how these look really good on any decent display screen, but if you can view these on a newer 4K-capable screen or on a Ultra Hi Def TV, that's what they were created for. Note that you want to be sure to click the YouTube gear icon and set the playback resolution as high as it will let you go.

*There are 10 videos listed in the description for this video (a few of which are repeated in this list).

As you can see, most of the 4K videos out so far are either nature oriented content, or animation.

4K-capable monitors are coming down in price, and more 4K versions of movies and “TV” series are being produced, but it still has a way to go to become mainstream.

The move to Ultra HD 4K should be a fun enhancement for educators, as not only does it make video more enjoyable and engaging, it holds great potential for offering higher quality detail where it can be beneficial, like teaching about the sciences and the arts, among other subjects.



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