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Mondopad 2.0 – Taking Collaboration and Creativity to a New Level



InFocus Enhances Their Unique, Interactive Platform With Improved Software

Back in November and December, I shared my experiences with the awesome Mondopad from InFocus. The December article included a video, “Demonstrating the Flexible Functionality and Collaborative Potential of the Mondopad“. This is a powerful, fun system that combines next-generation Interactive White Board functionality with excellent collaboration capabilities.

InFocus has now released version 2.0 of the MondoPad software, adding powerful new features (and smoothing out some glitchy behavior). The Mondopad is a uniquely designed, all-in-one collaboration, creation, and consumption platform that was already very slick. The updated software improves the experience both as a stand-alone device and when collaborating with other Mondopad users.

With version 2.0, the Mondopad can now be extended to a second touch display, it can stream faces and data in the same video call, and it can display two apps at the same time (such as a video call and a whiteboard). I also appreciate how YouTube and other web sites navigate and play nicer (I used to find myself having to click Go sometimes to get videos to play after I searched them out, but not any more).

I love my Mondopad, and use it for a variety of collaborative and non-collaborative activities! I collaborate with co-workers and colleagues using my favorite meeting software (Zoom, so my collaborators can join using any platform – computer, tablet, smartphone, land line). I love to consume video and web content on the large hi-def screen. I am working on blog posts where I used the Mondopad to demonstrate software applications. I used the Mondopad's large touch screen, whiteboard software, and stylus to create this graphic:



Any school or business considering the purchase of interactive white boards, or looking for a collaborative, creative platform, would do well to consider the Mondopad! The education sales team at InFocus will work with any potential purchaser to put together a package that works for them and their school’s budget.




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