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Are YOU Using Adaptive Learning Tools in Your Classroom? How’s it Going?



I borrowed this image from this great Aspire blog post (hope they don't mind!)

Share Your Experience and Let Others Know What This Powerful Technology can do for Your Students

Adaptive learning software solutions have evolved and continue to mature. There are now a good (and growing) number of platforms available to help teachers and schools individualize learning for students.

Vendors of these products often have testimonials on their sites from teachers or students who use the products, which is great, but I'd really love to hear more directly from teachers who are using these types of tools in their classrooms. Are you?

Unlike so many other categories of education technology software, I don't actually know anyone that is using one of these products (or at least, I don't know any who I know is using ‘AL'). Are YOU using an Adaptive Learning application in your classroom? Are you willing to share some of what you are doing and help other educators learn how these tools might help them?

I would really love to gather some of your stories and write a follow up post to this. It would also be great to reach out to you and discuss your experience a bit further, if you're up for it (you can let me know in the poll).

So, if you are, or have, used Adaptive Learning software and are willing to share some insights, it would great if you'd complete this quick 6 question poll and let us know about your experience (thanks!): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/u-adaptive

My goal is to simply learn some more via this poll and then pull together an article about what readers have to say about their experiences with Adaptive Learning (then everyone can learn more).


  1. I am researching adaptive learning to use for developmental reading for college students for my EdD proposal. I would be interested in the results of this survey if you would be willing to share.

    Thank you!


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