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ClassHook: The Engaging Time Saver for Teachers Searching for Media Resources



App Makes Finding Appropriate, Applicable TV and Movie Clips for Lesson Content a Breeze

The first time I met Alexander Deeb, co-founder of ClassHook, he had generously agreed to be part of our staff development workshop introducing technology tools to teachers.  Being a middle school English, History and Video teacher, I often times need to pull media examples for my classes to clearly illustrate my teaching points.  I perused through ClassHook and immediately starting looking for resources. I found it to be easy to use since it features a number of different ways to search for content. You can search by grade level, subject, and clip length. The video segments are entertaining and educational. They scan the clips for profanity and have experienced teachers vetting the video segments.

Here is a screen shot of a clip selected under the topic of American History.  You can see that it is easy to create playlists and add bookmarks.  In addition, it has a space for teachers to write discussion questions that help deepen the level of thinking and link to the Common Core Standards.


​As teachers we can spend hours finding these resources and ClassHook cuts that time down, in order to give teachers more time to be effective at their jobs.  Recently, I was able to find a clip from “That 70's Show” to get students thinking about figurative language.  This is still in beta so in time I look forward to a larger database for more video options.  I suggest you give it a try, after all, it is free!

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Azine Davoudzadeh is a dynamic educator, creator and thought leader. She has been teaching for over a decade and has experience with implementing new innovative ways of learning. Combining her love and passion for story telling and media she founded movie making classes with students of all ages inspiring them to use technology to express themselves. She recently received a Virtual Reality grant to implement into her classes and find applications to improve learning outcomes for all students especially middle school aged girls. Her research includes VR content creation and use within the classroom setting. She is looking to find ways to encourage young women to become more interested in VR and she worked with Camp Reel Stories to develop curriculum for teen girls in a VR 101 workshop.



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