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A Million Thank Yous!


So … I spent a silly amount of time updating the EmergingEdTech “intro” video over this last weekend.

It was really way overdue for an update (and as many of you know, creating polished video content can take a lot of time).

Putting this together was such a fun reflection on the many awesome things that readers and colleagues, followers, fans, and friends have all helped make possible over the last few years.

It has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life exploring this emerging #edtech world with all of you, and the more I learn and the more of you I meet and interact with, the more fun it is!

I can't wait to see what the coming years bring! (And if you're not already a fan, I hope you'll join us :))

A Million “Thank You!”s to Everyone!  





  1. Thanks You, Kelly!! you’ve taught us a lot, you do it everyday, you encourage us to be better, always ready and open to accept comments and let us express freely. You create and provide an environment that is the most suitable for learning to take place. I’m really grateful you’ve encouraged me in my project although it is still in construction http://www.carrotsnappleslf.com/principal/. But I know it start up soon!
    Thanks it will be a great pleasure for me if once I’m able to invite you to my country to deliver a course and also It will be great for me to go to NY and attend your workshops.
    I always enjoy reading your newsletter and I have suggested your site in local Facebook pages.
    (And by the way thanks for including the picture of one of our chat sessions in your video, I feel honored to be there!!!)

  2. Kelly-
    You’re thanking us? My favorite part of the day is reading your blog! Most days, I can’t wait to tell my pre-service education students about some new tool or tidbit I’ve learned about that adds to our knowledge base. Thank YOU!


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