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The All New Free Flipped Teaching and Learning Resources eBook (Available on FlippedClassroomWorkshop.com)


This Updated eBook is a Structured Like a Mini Flipped Class Workshop, With Dozens of Excellent Free Resources!

As I write this, the Flipped Classroom has evolved into an undeniable grassroots movement, driven by the momentum of tens of thousands of teachers across the world who have embraced the idea. These passionate educators are making a meaningful difference in how students learn, and enhancing learning outcomes in the process.


While many politicians, parents, and even administrators and teachers lambast the state of education, there are plenty of inspired teachers of all disciplines, grade levels, backgrounds, and ideologies who have grasped onto a powerful notion, taken action, and made a meaningful change.

It took grit on the part of those teachers to change the way they teach, but this evolution has also been made possible because of the unprecedented capabilities of modern digital technology and the Internet and the World Wide Web. Upon this framework, an ever-expanding array of powerful software (including many great free tools) has been made available. And in the current decade, mobile technologies like Tablets and Smartphones have fundamentally altered the ease and convenience with which students and teachers can access digital content.

Take the Web, add in lots of good free software, and then throw in the “mobile revolution” that we are in the midst of, and it’s not terribly surprising to find that teachers have empowered themselves to put these amazing resources to use in highly effective ways.

I had created an eBook of free flipped class resources previously, but I pretty much scrapped it and started over to create a richer product. I have assembled and published this collection of dozens of excellent free resources to help today’s educators continue their own lifelong learning journey … exploring, evolving, and striving to do the best they can for their students, and their own professional fulfillment. It's yours for free for signing up for blog posts from our sister site, FlippedClassroomWorkshop.com. Enjoy! Thanks.


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