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THE Free Education Technology Resources eBook


With nearly 200 free software applications, this new update is just jammed full of awesome free tools and tons of insights into how to use them in your courses and classrooms!

Free_Education_Technology_Resources_eBookIf you've followed EmergingEdTech for a few years now, you probably know that in 2011, 2012, and 2013, we offered updates to this eBook, one of the most appreciated offering from the site each year. 2014 marked the first year we didn't get an update out (it was a very busy year!). Well, I've been working on it for months and the new update is finally done!

Get Your Copy Now

If you are an existing blog subscriber, an email with a link to download your copy of the new eBook is on its way! If you are not a subscriber, all you need to do is scroll up and provide your name and email address at the top of the screen (to  the right – where it says “Sign Up Now” and you see the red “Subscribe” button!). If you decide that you don't like the post emails, just unsubscribe and keep the eBook as our “thank you” for giving us a try!


Out With the Old

A lot has changed since we published the last update in 2013. As with past updates, we checked all the links and removed old and outdated references. We also pulled content and sections that just aren't as relevant or as interesting as they once were. Lastly we re-organized materials where it made sense, and worked to pretty things up throughout the eBook, using a larger font, and adding fresh graphics to kick off each chapter! I think it turned out pretty awesome and it is just loaded with cool tools, and tips and techniques to help you rock them in the classroom.

In With the New (Chapters, That is!)

Whole new sections have been added to the eBook, including:

  • Class Web Sites & Course Management Tools
  • Creating Your own Comics and Cartoons for Teaching and Learning
  • Interactive Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Learning & Smartphones
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Screencasting
  • Using YouTube Videos as Lesson Materials
  • Video Conferencing and Video Chat Tools

The eBook is on it's way if you Want it!

If you are an existing subscriber, you already have an email in your In Box with a link to the new eBook in it. If you are not a subscriber, well … what are you waiting for! SIGN UP (scroll up and look for the “Sign Up Now” and the red SUBSCRIBE button) and receive a handful of great articles each week about emerging instructional technologies and teaching and learning with digital tools and techniques, and get this awesome book for free as our Thank You! Enjoy!



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