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D2L Introduces Next Generation Adaptive Learning Technology in Brightspace LMS


Advanced Adaptive Learning Tool is one of Several Enhancements Targeted to Help Accelerate Attainment Rate to 60%

D2L has just released its Spring 2015 update for its Brightspace LMS and has backed it up with a bold goal:

Given the current trajectory, the Administration’s target of 60% [degree attainment rate] by 2020 is in jeopardy − D2L pledges to help increase customers’ graduation rates with new technologies and encourages the industry to hurry innovations, services and new approaches

Industry Leading LeaP Adaptive Learning Platform

What I find particularly fascinating in the latest update to Brightspace is the LeaP Adaptive Learning tool set that they have now fully integrated into the platform. LeaP enables instructors to easily replace learning content with learning paths that continually adjust and guide students.

Check out this video to see how easy they've made it to implement Adaptive Learning within Brightspace:

This is truly next-generation thinking. Most Adaptive Learning tools for higher ed have required far more work to implement. Here's a statement from D2L CEO John Baker‘s about this new capability:

“To date, adaptive learning has only been used in a few elite schools. Just like early computers, it’s been difficult and rigid to operate—namely because it has traditionally been built for large publishers, not learners or instructors,” said Baker. “With this release, D2L is bringing adaptive learning to the mainstream, making it easy to implement and flexible to use. We’re going to go from a small group of clients using adaptive learning to the masses, with the aim of achieving better learner performance, higher graduation rates, and smarter learners.”

Students can use LeaP in different ways … as a primary source of learning, for review and test prep, or for remediation. Learn more about it here.

Another unique innovation D2L brings to Brightspace is the “OpenDyslexic” Font. When chosen by users as their default font, will make it easier for learners and teachers that are Dyslexic to read in the learning system.

I continue to be impressed by the functionality D2L is bringing to their powerful LMS, certainly one of the most innovative platforms in the current marketplace. I certainly hope that they can help many colleges hit or exceed a 60% degree attainment rate*. I'd really love to hear from Brightspace users as they adopt these new and upgraded tools. How's it going?

*For clarification, the “attainment” rate refers to the percentage of the adult population attaining a college degree, not to be confused with the graduation rate, which refers to the percentage of students who complete a degree program that they start.



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