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April’s Favorite Teaching & Tech Videos – Focus: Overlooked Skills



This month we have a number of videos focused on skills that are too often overlooked in traditional schooling.

Teaching Kids Entrepreneurial Skills

This video shows how the BUILD Program is helping to achieve a 99% Graduation Rate for students who participate in their program, and a 95% college enrollment rate!

Experts Tout Benefits of Teaching Cursive Writing in Schools

Among the benefits cited … stats show that students who learn cursive retain lecture content better and do better on SATs.

If the video doesn't display well, expand it to full screen, or try this URL: http://ow.ly/McwlV

10 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Teaching Financial Literacy To Our Kids

April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month, and while this video and post were written back in 2011, the topic and content is as relevant today as it was then. This video is a companion piece to the article, 10 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Teaching Financial Literacy To Our Kids.

Teach Life Skills and Change our World

Jill Siegal Chalsty delivered this TED Talk at TEDxCharleston

Twin Brothers Teaching Millions Of Kids That Coding Can Be Fun


  1. Thanks for the feedback Shannon. Your comment must be in relation to the Cursive Writing video. I try hard to maintain a balanced perspective and not fall into a trap of too quickly thinking that something like Cursive is totally outdated and irrelevant in this technological age. Similarly, while I am no fan of long, un-engaging lectures, there certainly are plenty of good lecturers in the world of education, and note taking should not be overlooked – there is a lot to be said for how note taking can help ultimately enable learning. Learning comes in many forms, does it not? And as for standardized tests, they are unfortunate, but until and unless they are phased out, they cannot simply be overlooked.

  2. I like most of the list, but anything that supports lecture and note taking to do better on a test is outdated. Where is the authentic learning?


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