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LearnPad – a Tablet Designed Specifically for Educational Use


This Tablet was Purpose-Built for Students and Teachers

Amidst a long and never-ending battle between traditional computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the recently born phablets, the LearnPad makes its presence felt, in a humble but healthy way. Though it cannot be classified as a separate form, the device is often described as a ‘tablet with a purpose’.

LearnPad is a trialed and tested tablet designed for schools and educators. Its success is owing to its straight-out-of-the-box-ready utilities. Its safe-and-secure student interface is customizable. Users can control and keep a check on which websites, activities and applications a student can or should access.

The Learnpad originated in the U.K. and Educational Resources have started distributing the device to the US market.

Learnpad image from distributor Education Resources edresources.com

Teaching with LearnPads

Experts and educators that have tested the LearnPad found it to be very impressive, simple and pain-free. Management and deployment was an ease as the LearnPad made way for users to design customized icons, background and categories to suit individual students, subject areas or year groups. The created profiles can be added to specific devices or a group of LearnPads using management portals.

When ordered, LearnPads are usually offered with complete training programs for schools that include setting up custom QRKeys and custom dashboards for different schools. This tablet is designed to support a variety of curriculum resources including tablet applications, flash-based learning contents and educational websites.  The machine boasts simple tools specifically designed to support effective educating methods.

Why not other tablets?

When you compare LearnPad with other consumer tablet, you will soon realize that the latter is lacking embedded instructional utility. According to Kevin Shupenia, the Vice President of Tablet Solutions for the Educational Resources, the new LearnPad addresses everyday challenges at school.

Apart from the fact that the device is designed for education purpose, other key points include reliable and robust hardware, excellent online management portal, easy digital content usage and ability to add instructions. Professional development programs, extended warranty, leasing programs and meeting the requirements of all future PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessment requirements are some factors that make the LearnPad stay ahead of at least a dozen other tablets claiming to be education-friendly.

LearnPad’s recent launch of the ClassView, has increased the class of the gadget. ClassView enables the LearnPad to do much more including better organization, sharing with a large group or specifically defined members of the group, instant messaging using social media tools, 24/7 access for teachers and administrators and many other features.


After its recognition, LearnPad was awarded the Best in Show for Digital Devices at London’s BETT conference. The device recently won ERA award for its dashboard. Bett’s judging committee had excellent words of praise for the educative device.

A quick guide to the products and services offered in the LearnPad Family

LearnPad now offers two model in the US to suit different needs and budgets.

1) LearnPad XD 10.1″ Quad Core Tablet
– Screen Size = 10.1 inches
– Technology = IPS LCD Capacitive Touch
– Resolution = 1366×768
– Android = 4.1.1
– CPU = Nvidia Tegra 3 (Quad Core)
– Storage = 16GB
– Connectivity = Dual Band Wi-Fi
– GPS = Yes
– Bluetooth = Yes
– NFC = Yes

2) LearnPad SD 9.7″ Dual Core Tablet for Education
– 9.7″ 1024 x 768 4:3 IPS LCD Display
– Dual Core 1.6Ghz Processor
– 16GB Internal Storage
– 5 Point Capacitive touch screen
– Front & Rear camera
– HDMI 1080p output
– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
– Micro USB & SD Card slot
– Android 4.1 JellyBean
– Ultra light – 580g – 243x190x12mm

LearnPad also just released a Student Bundle that combines the LearnPad SD tablet, a Bluetooth Keyboard, and a Folio Case for only $339.95 ea. Check out this page to learn more about how LearnPad offers their products in the U.K.

Services offered by LearnPad

1. LearnPadConnect
LearnPadConnect, a web based management portal that allows classroom instructors to control multiple LearnPads at a time. The webpage can also perform the following functions – lock devices, remote suspension, view and display screens, pass new profiles and activities and make communications with students.

2. ClassView
ClassView is a unique and innovative way to communicate with students. It enables you to connect directly, control devices or even show the device’s screen on the whiteboard in front of the classroom. You can make sure that your students are focused on the set task by monitoring their LearnPads using a Mac, PC, tablet or laptop. Connect to any student or a group of students even when you are away from the classroom. ClassView is a simple and innovative tool to ensure students are on task, and to facilitate sharing and presentation.

With its rapid development in a surprisingly quick functionality, LearnPad is all set to challenge the education technology world. Have you used a LearnPad? We'd love to hear about your experience (click here to comment).

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  1. We purchased 18 devices from them in a bundle because we loved the portal. As with other brands we have, we expected the same quality and did not purchase accidental damage or extended warranty. the device were not put into the classroom before 6 month after purchase ( summer break, training.. etc) a little than a year after purchase, 3 of them have a broken screen even though we purchased the protection case and half of them have lose mini jack that prevent using headset which is a real drag in a classroom. All the Learnpad company could do for us is to refer us to a repair shop and give us nothing but a sorry to help finance the repairs. And they dare admin that this first generation of their product is not as tough as the new one which they advice we purchase..Stay away from this Learnpad company. And the tech support is a nightmare, I have been trying to get help for over 4 month on this.


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