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Registration is Now Open for the Summer 2014 Online Flipped Classroom Workshop


We're Opening Registration Early (to Make Sure you can get Signed Up Before the School Year Ends!)

Come join us for an in-depth examination of flipped teaching and learning. Explore the tools and techniques many educators are using to flip their classrooms and their courses. This immersive learning experience is great for educators looking for a structured approach to professional development, with the opportunity to interact and share with a community of like-minded peers.

Come explore the instructional technique that the EDUCAUSE 2014 Horizon Report has indicated is positioned for widespread adoption right now! As you work through the course, you'll build a plan to implement flipped instruction and blended learning techniques at a pace that you determine.

Summer 2014 Flipped Class Workshop Training Professional Development

In this workshop, you will …

  • Read about other teacher’s uses of the flipped classroom – learn what works, what doesn’t, best practices, and lessons learned from some of today’s leading flipped instruction teacher-advocates, and from other teachers much like yourself
  • Get hands-on and flip some of your own content
  • Try out some free screencasting tools, and learn techniques for creating high quality, engaging screencasts
  • Learn about other approaches to creating and delivering flipped class content
  • Understand the considerations you need to be aware of when you flip the classroom, including how to use class time, and techniques to help ensure that students consume the flipped materials
  • Share your ideas and insights, interact with other educators, and learn from each other
  • Develop your personal plan to incorporate flipped instruction techniques into your teaching
  • Learn of more resources available to continue your flipped teaching and learning journey

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Here's a small sampling of what previous workshop attendees have had to say …

– “My head is spinning with all of the great ideas that I gained from this workshop — and especially from our discussions. I am going to try to get on the agenda for an upcoming all-school meeting to share some of the ideas from this workshop. I am even leaning toward flipping my “new prep” classes if I can feel comfortable with staying ahead of the students in content creation. Our classes are structured to be two hours of lecture and two hours of lab per week. That translates into an hour of lecture followed by an hour of lab two days a week. By flipping my classes, I feel that the students who now struggle with homework will excel due to the reality that the homework they are assigned is laying the groundwork for what they do in class. Now, I’m just looking for a sure way to get and keep them motivated to access the flipped content for their homework. But, I think that problem might just take care of itself — we’ll see!”

– “The book was phenomenal! At this point I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have already recommended it to others and plan to continue. Thank you for a job well done!

– “I am excited about the lessons that I will be creating this year, and I look forward to continuing to grow as an educator in my craft as a teacher. Thanks for everyone’s expertise in this workshop. I have learned a great deal from the responses that I have read by each of you.”

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  1. It is basically “work at your own pace”, with weekly assignments. I am flexible though, so if you can’t finish something once week, as long as you catch up and get it done that fine.

  2. Question about the summer Flipped Classroom workshop…
    Is it a required time slot each day for the workshop, or work at own pace over the 4 week period. Part of the time frame includes our family vacation and I will not be available that week, but am willing to consider playing catch-up the following week if the layout of the workshop permits. Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Jane O’Neill


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