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Flipped Classroom – The (1 Minute) Movie


The Flipped Classroom was a Hot Topic in 2013, for Good Reason

The Flipped Classroom got a lot of attention in the media during 2013, and this shows no sign of abating as we move into 2014. And why shouldn't it? When I work with teachers and introduce them to the concept of flipped instruction, most of them quickly realize that it just makes sense. This form of blended learning has a lot to offer the student and teacher, and once educators realize they don't need to go “all in” all at once to use flipped teaching techniques, they get inspired to try it!

I've been having some fun learning iMovie lately, inspired by the awesome student created content I saw at the November Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference. I decided to share my passion for flipped teaching and learning, and the enthusiasm of teachers, educators, and journalists the world over, in the form of an iMovie. The wonderful templates available for this inexpensive (just US$4.99 for the iPad) yet powerful application make it an outstanding tool for creating content like this.

How cool is it to see digital learning being embraced and impacting learning outcomes as flipped teaching and learning catches on with more and more teachers and schools! If you enjoy this teeny, tiny mini-movie I hope you'll share it with your colleagues and friends.

The images in this video came from some of the many news stories  in the media in 2013. Sources are as follows (in date order, where dates were available).

University College London Web Site, 4/25/13: The flipped classroom – a unique workshop for UCL teaching staff

Boise State Public Radio, 9/3/13: 48 Idaho Schools “Flip The Classroom” And Pilot Khan Academy Online Learning by Adam Cotterell

The Atlantic, 9/13/13: The Post-Lecture Classroom: How Will Students Fare? by Robinson Meyer

The KnowledgeStar Blog, 9/18/13: With Flipped Classroom, ‘Old School’ No More by Wendy Roshan

Arkansas State University Herald,9/23/13: Innovative classroom features intimate setting by Bethany Gallimore

The Daily Pennsylvanian, 9/26/13: The end of boring lectures? By Brenda Wang

CBSlocal.com – New York, 10/16/13: The Flipped Class: Homework At School, Lessons At Home

The Globe and Mail, 10/22/13: Get the lecture before you even arrive in class by Jennifor Lewington

BND.com, 11/2/13: Videos online at home, then classwork: West teachers ‘flip' classrooms by Jamir Forsythe

Turn To Your Neighbor, The Official Peer Instruction Blog, 11/4/13: From Flipped Classrooms to Flipping with Peer Instruction by Julie Schell

The Monroe Monitor, 11/12/13: Flipping for Mr. Brown: Fryelands Elementary teacher recognized for “flip classroom” innovation by Polly Keary

PBS Newshour, 12/5/13: How one school turned homework on its head with ‘flipped' instruction by Mike Fritz

WBFO.org, 12/11/13: Students finding success under ‘flipped’ classroom model by Ashley Hirtzel

EdTech Magazine, 12/13/13: Why 86 Percent of UNC-Chapel Hill Students Prefer the Flipped Classroom by Jimmy Daly

MarionStar.com, 12/19/13: Traditional learning turned upside down by Michelle Rotuno-Johnson

Clintondale High School Web Page: http://www.flippedhighschool.com/

The University of Queensland: About Flipped Classrooms

So, how about you – are you using flipped teaching techniques, or considering it? I hope you'll share your questions or tell us about your experiences in a comment. Thanks!

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  1. Looks like an interesting concept, however in the middle of our school year I still have pupils who do not have a paper text book or paper workbook in class, let alone having access to an iPad.
    Maybe one day!

  2. Nice post. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up

  3. Great article! I am working with colleagues to create a bespoke resource for our school to enable flipped and blending learning opportunities for our children. We are a large Primary School in the West Midlands, England and are eager to engage our children in learning both in and out of the classroom. Our growing bank of resources enables us to foster a ‘Khan Academy’ style blog for parents, children and staff to draw upon. We strive to embrace digital learning and offer opportunities for blended learning for children age 5-11. Would love to connect with colleagues on a similar journey!


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