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The Importance of iPad Insurance in an Educational Setting


Are your school's valuable mobile computing devices insured against loss or damage?

Guest post by Dave Thomas

More and more schools are providing iPads or other tablet devices to students and faculty as part of their academic programs, but is anyone considering the need to insure those costly devices? In the event you are responsible for one of these devices, is it covered should they be lost, stolen, or damaged while in your possession?

If the answer is no, you could be looking at costly repair or replacement charges in order to get back up to speed for your educational needs. What makes it worse, when you or your students need the iPad for educational responsibilities, time without the device can keep one from one's studies, homework, etc.

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Among the typical problems people run into with their devices are losing them, having them stolen, having them damaged by liquid (dropping them in water or spilling a drink on them), and dropping the device. The possibilities for damage to a tablet computer are numerous.

While schools may spend only a couple of hundred dollars on an iPad, along with some form of service agreement, they could be faced with spending several more hundred dollars to replace or repair a damaged device if it is not covered under a typical warranty or extended care coverage.

So, still don't think your school needs insurance for iPads or other electronic device?

Coverage Options
Some providers offer coverage on items like hardware coverage, earphones, batteries, and additional accessories, but always get the information in writing to be clear and avoid more potential costs.

iPad owners can look to insurance coverage through a third-party provider, offered via a number of companies. Some providers make available one-year or multi-year insurance protection for any model iPad (or iPhone or other devices). What is covered under each policy varies, however, and in a number of instances, a $50 deductible is required per claim.

Companies who offer such coverage include (click on the link to access each company's iPad or tablet coverage page):

Coverage is also a possibility with a program like Apple’s Applecare, a personal homeowners or renter’s plan, and extended coverage through credit cards.

In order to determine what type of iPad insurance coverage best suits your needs, make sure you find out what is covered with each provider, the amount of deductible that you will be faced with, and how the insurance provider goes about repairing or finding you product replacements. In a best-case scenario, you should be seeking a policy providing next-day equipment replacement, therefore avoiding delays with your, or your student's studies.

Be sure to shop around for different insurance options for your iPads, laptops, and other technological devices that are used in a school setting. Do not automatically assume that the only and best insurance available is from where you bought your device.

About the author: With 23 years of experience as a writer, Dave Thomas covers a wide array of topics from maintaining home gutters to technological needs.


  1. I have spoken to a large number of school systems that have deployed or are deploying large fleets of mobile devices be it Chromebooks, Apple iPads or other tablets like Samsung. In large districts it is up to the school to ensure the units stay in circulation be it lost, stolen or broken as students/parents cannot be made responsible financially. In more affluent districts they can be made accountable and insurance is made an option at the users expense. Many districts have a box or boxes full of tablets that do not work and no funds to fix or replace them. ISG offers an alternative Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair that can cover against all breakage without limits , deductibles (0,25,or $50.00 options), Theft/Loss/Acts of Nature etc options are available. This is how corporate America covers their devices as they would not tolerate all of the loopholes that favor the OEMs and insurance providers not the device owners. Explore the best alternative to extended warranties or insurance by contacting ISG at 1.800.566.3310 X409.
    Centralized ISO Policy Mobile Device Repair for 17 years.

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