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Free Higher Ed Update for 2018: 5 of the Best Free College Course Resources


One of the best things to come out of the web when it comes to education is the offering of free courses, and even free degrees (if your grades earn them), available to anyone, anywhere, from leading universities. Below we have 5 of the best online sources for these types of offerings, compiled by guest writer Ray Bennet. – KW

Open Courses from Yale University


Now you can actually go to Yale without having to be in Connecticut. The university’s website has many videos and lectures that any student from any country in the world can download and learn from. Each course has a whole set of lectures, high-quality videos, materials, and exams. In addition, transcripts of all the lectures are available on the website for those who are not very fluent in English. Just click on the link below and go to Yale to get the quality education you were always looking for. It is one of the best available opportunities for those who cannot relocate to another state and want to study in Yale.



Yes! It is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and not something else. MIT is now offering free online courses for many students worldwide through its website. Some people say that it is every engineer’s dream to study in the MIT. You can just do that right now at home by checking the available courses on their website. If you are an engineer or looking forward to being one, the available online courses on the MIT website will definitely benefit you one way or another. It also has many other courses that are not engineering related but could be interesting for others as well. Click on the link below to check all the lectures, videos, and exams that are available for you on the website.



Edx is most special about offering free online courses from some of the best universities in the world. It is one of the most famous and known online learning tools that is available for students worldwide. You can also get an accredited certificate for a very reasonable price after finishing some of the available courses on their website. Edx is most known for their reputable and reliable computer science courses, but they also offer courses in many other different fields like business and management, languages, economics, finance, engineering, humanities, biology, and life sciences.



It has hundreds of specializations that you can just learn online at any time wherever you are. It is also one of the leaders of online learning websites as it is famous for offering a huge variety of courses for free. I believe that some of the courses on this website are not even taught in most universities, as the website makes sure to offer whatever people may be looking for. The website was founded by Stanford professors and is used by 24 million people around the globe. It is really massive, and you can definitely learn whatever you want using it. One of the best things about this website is that, after subscription, they send you a weekly e-mail with a list of all the new available courses in the fields that you are interested in.

University of the People


This is beautiful! It makes you believe in the goodness in this world even more when you come across a non-profit institution of higher education. It is really the world’s first tuition-free accredited online university. It only aims to educate people for free and enable them to get the degree they have been looking for. They have students from over 194 countries and they offer bachelor and associate degrees in many different fields.



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