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MyEdulife – Data Cleansing, Aggregation, and Improved Data Governance for Higher Education


Introducing MyEdulife … a new way to leverage data in Higher Education.

Lasy year, Mark Mooney, John Principato, and Patrick Hidalgo met with me and shared their excitement about MyEdulife, a 2010 start up software and services firm focused on providing data governance, social networking, and life-long educational learning services to the education market. They discussed a variety of goals and objectives for the company's offerings, and I found myself both intrigued and impressed.

Last week, MyEdulife released a video providing an overview of their data cleansing and governance functionality (it's posted in the upper right-hand corner of this site). As you'll see, the MyEdulife suite of software and services positions educational institutions to bring together and leverage the data in their information systems in a powerful new way.

Link to MyEdulife video on YouTube
'Click the pic' to access the MyEdulife introductory video on YouTube

In my role as CIO at The College of Westchester, I appreciate the challenges that come with having a great deal of student data in our systems and the difficulty of accessing and managing it effectively and efficiently. MyEdulife's offerings enable educational institutions to aggregate and review data across all departments, and start to really use it to inform decision making and planning. These tools also facilitate cleansing and de-duplication of data, and other capabilities that can yield improved data governance.

If, like many other colleges and universities, you are faced with silos of data in departments that have evolved their own information resources and tools, then MyEdulife offers an unprecedented opportunity to tie this data together and make it a powerful resource for your institution.

To paraphrase Mark Mooney's comments in the video … if you don't take advantage of the data you own, you should realize that you are probably competing with organizations that are, and you are likely to be losing ground to them and losing opportunities.

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