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Top 5 EmergingEdTech Video Posts for 2011


The year's most popular education technology video blog entries.

The EmergingEdTech video channel was very successful in 2011, with subscribership growing steadily and total views now well over 40,000. Based on traffic volume since posting, and focusing on videos that are relatively “self contained” (as opposed to vlog entries which have limited content and are focused on encouraging viewers to read the companion article on the site), these were the EmergingEdTech videos that most captured viewer's interests this year.

The iPad was the stand out star of the video channel this year, with related vlog entries earning three of the top slots (with over 10,000 views between them!). Further evidence that the Apple tablet totally changed the floundering tablet device niche in 2011, finally raising it to full legitimacy.

Rounding out the top five we have a listing of Facebook Pages worth checking out if you're an educator or education technologist, and the site's first video interview (more of these are planned for 2012).

  1. 10 Excellent iPad Applications for Teachers
  2. 10 Beneficial Facebook Pages For Educators To Check Out
  3. The year of the iPad in Education: they're being distributed in more schools every day 
  4. Interview with CourseSmart Chief Marketing Officer Jill Ambrose
  5. Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Use To Try It Out)

Another popular type of video was the tutorial-style vlog entry. Here's 3 of the most popular entries of this type:

Special thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the EmergingEdTech YouTube channel, and to all video viewers … you have all contributed to the success of the channel. We always welcome your feedback and input, and hope all viewers and readers feel welcomed and encouraged to comment and offer their ideas and observations on the videos, and here on the main site.

Here's looking forward to an even more successful and productive 2012 for everyone!

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