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Learning All About Electronic Textbooks In A Video Interview With CourseSmart CMO Jill Ambrose (Part 1 of 2)


Catching up on today's digital textbook market and eTextbook functionality with CourseSmart's Chief Marketing Officer.

This week on EmergingEdTech we're delighted to publish an interview with Jill Ambrose. This is the first of a two-part video conversation in which we discuss CourseSmart’s offerings, and the future of the evolving electronic textbooks marketplace.

In this interview we discuss:

  • eResourses – the future of digital course materials
  • CourseSmart's innovative new Offline Reader functionality
  • Their effort to ensure device-agnostic access, making electronic textbooks and other digital course materials “easy to access anywhere, anytime, on any device, in the environment you're already in”
  • CourseSmart's extensive offerings (they offer over 90% of the core textbooks in use in higher education institutions in North America today!)
  • CourseSmart's free instructor-specific web site and the functionality it offers
  • And much more …


We hope you enjoy the interview and all it has to offer, and come back for Part 2, in which we discuss the following topics:

  • While electronic textbooks are certainly gaining momentum, they still have a long way to go to overtake the printed textbook market. What are the key hurdles that digital textbook vendors have to overcome to make electronic texts the norm rather than the exception?
  • Are there key areas, like specific academic subjects, types of institutions, geographic regions, or other market segments that are experiencing a higher degree of success than others in terms of gaining a foothold with digital course materials?
  • How about reading device dependence? How much of a challenge does this present in terms of the proliferation of the eTextbook?
  • What does the future of digital course materials look like?
  • What kinds of exciting developments can we look forward to from CourseSmart in 2012?

Thanks again to Jill for taking the time to work with us to put together this insightful and informative interview.

Remember, other readers and viewers appreciate reading observations and feedback from colleagues, so please don't hesitate to drop a comment and share your thoughts on this topic!

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  1. Sanjay – CourseSmart does have an iPad app. They have a clear goal of being device-agnostic, providing reading capabilities on as many platforms as they can. I am not familiar with Inkling, but if you do spend some time with the app, perhaps you might share some info here in a guest post? CoursSmart is the market leader and has some pretty impressive functionality and offerings – other providers are certainly challenged to rise to their level.

  2. Thanks Kelly for bringing over this informative talk explaining CourseSmart.
    I will soon try out their offering, if they have an iPad App.
    Meanwhile I have loaded an IPAD app “inkling” which provides excellent book reading functionality including auto evaluating self tests, annotations that can be made socially aware etc.
    I guess it will be a good idea to compare the two platforms –
    CourseSmart and inkling.




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