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5 Emerging Tech Trends for K-12 Education, from The Journal


This recent article nails 5 technology trends that K-12 educators and administrators should be considering how to leverage.

I frequently bookmark education technology articles that capture my interest and seem worth sharing. This article spoke volumes to me as I scanned a number of these last night. I wish I had written this list myself, but that credit goes to the article's author, Bridget McCrea. The original article, “5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2011“ is available here.

I agree with each of these items as technology trends that can and will take further root in educational institutions in 2011, and facilitate engaging, productive teaching, learning, and communication.

  1. There will be more momentum for mobile devices in the classrooms with an eye toward affordable alternatives to traditional 1:1 programs.
  2. Web-based instruction will gain more traction.
  3. More tech-based monitoring and assessment tools will be incorporated into the instructional mix.
  4. The cloud will help ease the financial burden on schools while helping to expand technological capabilities.
  5. Teachers will have access to expanded professional development programs.

Please click over to the original article for the author's insightful reasons behind citing these specific trends, and the benefits they can deliver.

If re-posting this list here gets even one teacher, technologist, or educator to take some time to learn more about these trends and tools and how they might put them to use, that would be a wonderful outcome.

The Journal is a useful, free, web-based resource for learning about today's education technologies – stop by and have a look today!

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