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8 Great Free Digital Presentation Tools For Teachers To Try This Summer


A mix of web apps that can help you make presentations that are fun, eye catching, and engaging (great for students too)!

In this month's free online workshop, we're learning about the wonderful variety of free digital presentation tools available on the Internet today, and ways we might use them in our classroom. For the last assignment, I want to let participants select from a list of applications we haven't tried yet. I've been searching out new ones, as well as revisiting tools I've used before or known about, and I've listed a handful here.

This interactive image is an example of a Glogster “poster” I tossed together in about 25 minutes, without any previous knowledge of using the tool. Note the different functionality for video and images – click an image to see it zoom and straighten for a better view, and the videos clips actually play!


I have no doubt that many educators might enjoy some of these tools, so I am sharing them here, and asking for readers feedback on these and other apps. Not only can tools like these offer a fun approach to presenting educational content, they can also be used by students for assignments and creating their own digital content.  

  • SlideShare: A very popular tool for sharing Powerpoint presentations and more, online, or embed them in your blog or website.
  • ZohoShow: Kind of similar to Powerpoint, but free, and online.
  • Glogster: This link will take you right to Glogster's Basic (free) plan for Educators.
  • Fotobabble: Create talking photos with Fotobabble! I haven't tried this yet, but I here's an example of a Fotobabble talking photo by”Becky4477″  – looks like a simple tool for adding as voice-over to pictures (they have a free iPhone app too).
  • Prezi: With Prezi, you create graphical presentations that you can easily zoom in and out of, to “get the big picture”, or “drill into the details”.
  • Voki: The idea behind Voki is to use a talking avatar to make your presentation. Click here to read a post about Voki that includes a video demonstration of the creation of a Voki avatar.
  • Vuvox: I had a lot of fun creating this music video with the help of Vuvox last year, and selected it as the first app we covered in the workshop. You can add text, pics, and embedded “hot links”, over a bed of music, to make your scrolling presentation. [SADLY, VUVOX IS NO MORE … THEY SHUT DOWN SERVICES IN LATE 2013 – Ed.]
  • OneTrueMedia: We took this one for a try this week – definitely easier to use than Vuvox (but I was also a little dissapointed by some of the limitations in the free version).

If there are other free digital presentation tools that you like to use, please comment and let us know about them!

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  1. Congratulations on your post, it is very complete. We don’t know if you have used http://www.genial.ly before but it is a very useful tool to create animated and interactive content very easily. We think it will be very interesting for you to take in consideration Genially in your next articles.
    Kind regards

  2. Another great tool is https://hypersay.com/
    Hypersay is a platform for interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. Keep your audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing. Store, enrich & deliver presentations from your cloud.
    Key features include:
    – Live Slide Sharing – share slides with participants in real-time on their device.
    РLive Polls/Quizzes Рinstant or pre-defined polls & show results ̨n real-time.
    – Live Open Question – allow participants to type in answers to open questions.
    – Interactive Images – upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
    – Embed Videos – add YouTube/Vimeo videos in your presentation.
    – Audience Q&A Wall – crowdsource questions during your session ordered by votes.
    – Private Notes – participants can take private, contextual notes.
    – Feedback – gather automatic feedback at the end of your session.
    – Phonetic Codes – share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
    – Claps – participants can send claps for the duration of your session.
    – Anonymity – allow unregistered participants to join.

  3. Have you heard of Niftio (I’m the Tech Lead for that project)? It’s a rather new presentation software. Here’s a quick sneak peak:
    1. dozens of designer made templates to make it easier to create a presentation
    2. use of any mobile device to control your presentation while delivering one
    3. audience q&a to receive feedback & questions on your topic in real time.
    4. niftio is, and will always be FREE for educational purposes
    And much more
    Take a look https://niftio.com

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  6. Great resource!
    PresentationTube, a non-profit network, also helps educators and business professionals produce and share quality video content. It offers a screen recording software and online video sharing platform. The screen recorder allows presenters to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchronize a variety of essential visual media, including webcam video, whiteboard, Web content, YouTube video, and computer screen.

    The screen recorder automates the process and ensures that presenters only need minimal technical knowledge and spend no additional time creating materials. The recorder can also add screen captions to your recordings in seconds and with the unique annotation feature you can even personalize your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself over your desktop. The platform uses latest YouTube API to upload, process, and host video and combine it with scrollable slide thumbnails, allowing the user to move to the respective video content and control both the progress and length of video presentation.

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