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A brief look at WizIQ.com


Just what is this online resource for educators and instructors all about?

For this week's mid week post, I'm taking a quick look at WizIQ.com. This site has been recommended to me a number of times by blog readers and other educators I've communicated with over the last year. I like to keep my mid week posts brief, so I'm just going to take enough of a look to understand what this application is basically about. [Ed Note: WizIQ changed how they write their name a few years ago, they now use “WizIQ”, but as can see in this old logo, they used to do it differently, hence the different format in this old post – KW, 4/8/18]

WiziqSo, what is WiZiQ (pronounced “Wiz IQ”)? Clicking through their “tour” pages reveals that it's a free online environment where you can collaborate with students and other teachers; share PowerPoint presentations and other files; and schedule and conduct a live online class utilizing a virtual classroom and shared whiteboard. Another nice feature of the environment is the public sharing of course work and tools, which results in a library of resources that students and teachers may find useful. There appear to be hundreds of recorded classes on the site, perhaps even thousands.

While clicking around in a list of online tests that are available, I also noticed that there are tens of thousands of members (for example, over 24,000 members took a “Test your General Knowledge” test that is available on the site, along with many other tests).

In short, it appears that WiZiQ is a very interesting and useful application for educators, and I am adding it to my list of future tools and topics for further research and a more in-depth blog post.

For any WiZiQ.com fans that may be reading this, here's a great opportunity to share your enthusiasm and experiences. Kindly take a moment to comment and let us know what you appreciate about this online application, and what you like to do with it. Thanks!

For readers who are following my current series of posts, learning about Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom, this weekend I will be writing about a demonstration of Promethean's offerings that we have scheduled for tomorrow. See you then!


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  2. Thanks, Pete, for the informed comment. I didn’t notice this rather active e-teaching community in my first look – nice to know about. I appreciate the feedback!

  3. WiZiQ is unique in the way that it is not only a tool but a set of tools for teachers and students stringed together in a web 2.0 social networking interface. The virtual classroom is perceived as being the most important offering as it caters exclusively to education. Then there is tons of information in the form of classes, tutorials, documents, tests etc.

    The community discussions on http://e-teaching.wiziq.com throw a lot of light from participating teachers and the WiZiQ team on scope, current and future development, usability etc of this education platform. Interestingly, WiZiQ is being adopted by universities and education technologists etc. for their own conferences.
    Pete F.


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