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Telepresence (this is just too cool!)


Educause's recent ‘7 things you should know about …' brief on Telepresence is fascinating.

“Beam me into that classroom, Mr. Scott!”

It's kind of hard to believe that this technology may become relatively commonplace before long. Telepresence currently requires expensive sophisticated equipment, but like most technology it will become more affordable over time. It is entirely feasible that in the next 5 to 10 years this technology will become increasingly commonplace. As the article cites, several large universities are already using it. Imagine how much of a game changer this could be – remote lecturing, guest lectures, remote “visits” with guest teams, the ability to get up close and personal with remote objects, etc. Keep in mind that this can be done today – this isn't some far reaching science fiction. Taking it a step further and combining telepresence with virtual reality, the possibilities are mind boggling.

Click here to open a PDF file version Educause's “7 things you should know about … Telepresence” article.

Check out the embedded video below, or click here to access a 2007 demonstration of this amazing technology by Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Click here to watch the technology in action during last November's Presendential election here in the U.S.



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