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Education and Instructional Technology Consulting

Consult with EmergingEdTech Founder and Author Kelly Walsh

I've had a wonderful career as an Information Technology manager, C-suite executive, teacher, instructional technology advocate, author, and recognized “Social CIO”, among other roles. I love helping others learn and address challenges. I have a few slots a month available for consultations and would be delighted to help you follow your inspirations, collaborate on a project, or innovate a solution to a challenge you face!

I am an avid advocate of education technology when it is well planned and thoughtfully deployed. I do not favor implementations of technology just for the sake of getting technology in place – there must be clear goals associated with any technology project, and ideally those goals should  have a positive impact on student learning.

Would you like to discuss an instructional technology need or question? Are there specific needs you are seeking guidance and insights about? Let's talk!

I look forward to talking with you.


  1. I am a novice IT teacher. During the course of teaching, I encountered some puzzles. How to fit the virtual technology and the virtual world seamlessly with the classroom teaching?
    Recently, I was in Scratch programming experiments in Open Sim, but the effect is not very good, can you give me some suggestions or can learn the case? thank you very much!


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