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Educators Pivot to Pixlr Photo Editor as Affordable Cloud Based Alternative

At The College of Westchester we have had to deal supporting Adobe Photoshop while teaching remotely it presents several challenges to the high tech requirements and the cost. When Martin Stein reached out and suggested that I consider a post about Pixlr I asked for some testimonials from educators and he was able to deliver them right up. I'm glad to share them and raise others' awareness of this cloud based alternative for teaching photoediting and elements of graphic design. – KW
Dear Pixlr for Education,
My name is Cam Pollock. I have been teaching Graphics and Photography for over 24 years. I am an Adobe Photoshop user. This virtual dilemma may have caused a tremendous problem for me hadn't I run across Pixlr.
I cannot use Photoshop in the virtual setting for obvious reasons. I needed a photo editor that was web-based and worked well with Chromebooks. I will say that I chose Pixlr E because it has allowed me to teach almost exactly how I would teach with Photoshop. The students are getting a great editing education with your product.
Also, allowing us the ability to use the product at its higher level is a plus and is really appreciated. You can't imagine the advantages this gives the teacher and the student. Thanks again and thanks for being there for us.
Mr. Cam Pollock
Graphics & Photography Teacher
Deep Creek High School, Chesapeake Public Schools, Chesapeake, Virg.
Dear Pixlr for Education,
I'm in Ontario, Canada, where schools have been closed due to COVID and students are learning  from home. Today, I'll be extending my daughter's work by having her learn how to scale and crop  images in Pixlr.
She's excited to learn about photo editing.
Thanks for supporting education!
Mr. Stefan Somborac
Homeschooling Parent
Simcoe County District School Board , Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Dear Pixlr for Education,
I'm so happy to hear you're helping us make life easier and learning better! We are now remote, so I'm following up on these accounts; I appreciate your awesome customer service and the free access to premium features! Thanks again! You've made the “pivot” so much easier! Here's hoping we don't have to hear that word in 2021!
Ms. Leigh Michelsen
Business & Technology Teacher
Madeira High School, Madeira, Ohio.


  1. Hello. Thank you for sharing. I like to use Pixlr Photo Editor. It’s really makes life easier.

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