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The Top 7 Apps to Boost Student Proactiveness


With students lacking the structure of the traditional school day while staying at home during this period of wide-scale Coronavirus-driven school closures, it is more important than ever that they strive to be proactive about learning and preparedness. Hopefully some of these tool and tips can help. – KW 

Before downloading a smartphone with unnecessary apps, think about the fact that there are many that can help you in the learning process. Just for comparison – gaming apps are dominant and are one of the most popular reasons why people take their smartphones (81%) and applications that are related to education are downloaded by only 8.5% of users.

Maybe it’s time to change such stat? Why not become more successful when there are so many useful applications around? Below you will find 7 applications with which you can solve some difficulties that are likely to arise in your student life.

1. Cite This for Me

During the implementation of many academic tasks, you have to face the fact that you will borrow ideas and phrases. But you must not forget to refer to them. In general, having an application that will help with quotes is a must-have for every student.

With this application, you will need to use a smartphone camera to scan barcodes and create a citation. Also, this app can format the citation in the style you need (Chicago, MLA, and so on). Well, you probably know that sometimes there are difficulties when working with a certain format, but this application solves this problem. For this reason, this app is in the first place, since all students should pay attention to it. Why complicate your life if everything can be so simple! Moreover, the application is free!

2. Cold Turkey

With this application, you can really become more active. Students best of all know how often social networks and other Internet notifications distract attention from their studies. This application will help to block sites so that you can effectively complete tasks.

The main thing you need to know is that you will not be able to use any sites until the set time has passed. That is, in this application you set a timer so as not to be distracted by other sites or social networks. Until the time that you set has expired, you can’t do anything to use other sites. So if you want to be really successful, then this application will help you to concentrate on studying as much as possible.

3. MyScript Smart Note

Modern students are divided into those who fully keep up with gadgets and those who pursue traditional methods. That is, someone prints text and notes on a smartphone, and someone takes such notes manually. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to parse notes written in a flash, and the MyScript Smart Note application can recognize handwriting even in several languages.

Even if your English is similar to ancient Greek hieroglyphs, this application will be able to recognize them. In addition, you can insert images, mathematical formulas, and so on. Therefore, this application allows not only to recognize the text but also to convert it into a printed version.

4. Dragon Dictation

Academic assignments require a long typing and very often this is an exhausting task. But what if you change tactics, and start dictating the text, rather than typing it? In some cases, this is a real salvation.

You can complete the task even if you are lying in bed. Moreover, it is easier for some students to express their thoughts orally than during writing. So if you belong to this type of student, this app will help you not only optimize the implementation of academic tasks but also express your thoughts in more detail. Hence, if you have difficulties with some tasks you can use the Online Writers Rating review website and find help there.

5. My Study Life

Organization and planning play a special role in how active and successful the student is. With this application, you can create your personal schedule and be aware of what you need to do and when lessons or exams begin. This is especially true for those who need to be reminded of everything all the time.

In fact, this application is an ordinary planner that many people use as a note. However, the notebook will not be able to remind you about events, and this application is able to remind you of your tasks so that you do not forget anything. The application allows you to make changes to the schedule. Suppose when during two weeks the classes change. This will not be reflected in the notification of the start of classes and you will always know what lecture will be tomorrow.

6. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

Most likely you know that studying information using cards is very effective. Someone makes them on their own, and someone prefers specialized applications for this. And just such an app is in question. Creating digital cards does not take much time and is not inferior to those that you would create with your own hands.

You can make your cards, and then even monitor your progress and check how you learned the information. You will have a real opportunity to check how well you have learned the topic. It is possible to add pictures and even audio. Moreover, you can use cards created by other users.

7. Study Music Memory Booster

Have you considered music as a tool for concentration? This may seem absurd to many, but in fact, music can clear the mind of unnecessary information, make it clear and ready to accept new data. It is possible to say that this is something like meditation.

This application has music that is suitable for different tasks. For example, for reading, studying or some creative tasks. According to user reviews, the music from this application allows you to overcome long hours of study without a sense of tension. So this application should definitely be on the list of tools that will help the student become more active.

Final Thoughts

To be a more successful and active student is not as difficult as you might think before. Especially when it is enough to download several applications for this and greatly facilitate the learning process. Try at least a few applications from this list and you will notice that something has changed for the better in your educational process. Become the best with just a few clicks!




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