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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 2014 Teaching & Learning with the iPad Conference


Come Join us in November for the Premier iPad Education Conference!

The 2014 TLIPAD Conference is next month. The TLIPAD conference was the first all-iPad educators conference, started back in 2012, and it remain the best! This year's conference is the first to include pre-conference workshops. It looks like we're going to have record participation this year. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

ipad education conference

Here's our Top 5 Reasons to Attend this year's conference!

  1. Workflow, Workflow, Workflow!

The iPad serves as a valuable tool in the classroom for both teachers and students.  Discover apps, strategies, and connections necessary to enhance workflow for efficiency, increased productivity and individualization of education.  (Check out this article on iPad Workflow in the Elementary Classroom by presenter Kellie Chaney as an example of the kinds of tips and techniques you can learn about).

  1. Connect Content, Curriculum, and the iPad to Learners

Looking for ways to bring State Curriculum, Common Core, Advanced Placement, and other curricula seamlessly to your learners?  The program features a wealth of offerings designed to provide apps and strategies to exploit the iPad and increase performance and retention of important goals, objectives, and skills. Come learn how assessment via the iPad can make checking student progress and maximizing student gains efficient and meaningful.

  1. Learn from the Practitioners & Experts

Skilled presenters will share their experiences and help you to duplicate their results in your classroom.  Explore the role of the iPad in instructional methods like Project Based Learning, STEM Activities, Socratic Seminars, Discovery and Mastery Learning – just to name a few!  All presenters come ready to share their favorite apps and strategies to facilitate student learning.

  1. Over 50 Concurrent Sessions to Choose From!

Teaching & Learning with the iPad has expanded to include over 50 concurrent sessions this year!  Sessions include all content areas, grade levels K-Adult Learners, and professional productivity.  Build your own schedule from the choices each session to make your experience most relevant to your instructional role.  Don’t forget the thoughtful and timely Keynote from the wonderful Kathy Schrock!

And for # 1 …

  1. Save Your School & System Money!

You can save a number of ways by attending the Teaching & Learning with the iPad Conference!  First, learn from the veteran iPad teachers on best practices and most effective implementation models to ensure success in your own school.  Avoid the most common costly mistakes and learn how professional development will support your implementation.  Second, come to one location where all the experts will be in one place to get your questions answered!  From Teachers to IT Administrators, School Administrators to Student Users – Teaching & Learning with the iPad will have them all!

Click here to learn more about the conference and register. We hope to see you there!

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