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Education Technology Tweet Wrap for w/e 03-30-19


Informative, inspiring, or just plain interesting education and digital technology content from across the web, posted on Twitter over the past week and collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

This week in the wrap … teaching Bio with AR & VR (the sciences lend themselves so well to these tools), AJ Juliani offer 4 questions that can maximize student engagement, schools are sharing online courses to help ensure students can get the courses they need when they need them, some great lessons for those who need to move a face-to-face course online, an Iowa State professor is working with the UN to define universal standards for digital literacy education, and more to explore!

K–12 Teachers Use Augmented and Virtual Reality Platforms to Teach Biology

Insightful piece about how social media should be more of an ideas playground, but instead it we're held accountable for every half-baked idea, it stifles innovation: Social Media, Learning Innovation and Comedy Clubs

Hoping to Spur ‘Learning Engineering,' Carnegie Mellon Will Open-Source Its Digital-Learning Software

Four Questions To Maximize Engagement

This is one my favorite things to work on, I'm always proud of the end result: the Flipped Learning TODAY newsletter

Online course sharing spurs student success – Sharing online courses can save money, and boost retention and graduation rates

4 Lessons From Moving a Face-to-Face Course Online

11 educators share how they bring coding into the classroom

This Iowa professor wants to change what kids are taught about their digital life



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