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eduCLIMBER – Powerful Data Integration and Analysis that Teachers & Admins can Actually Use


Powerful data integration and analysis that teachers and admins can actually use. eduCLIMBER can position educators to work together to give students the supports they need to succeed.

eduCLIMBER is a unique cloud-based data system created for educators by educators to make data analysis more efficient and accurate. This interactive tool enables schools to pull together data from many different sources and visualize it in new, powerful ways.

It is important to note that eduCLIMBER was developed by an educator who was not trying to start a business, but trying to truly get to the heart of student data for student benefits. School psychologist Jaime Harris founded eduCLIMBER to help support teachers in delivery of Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and other interventions and supports. Because of the flexibility of its design, eduCLIMBER was readily able to extend beyond original design goals to be an even more widely applicable data capture, analysis and goal management platform.

Take a look for yourself. Here's a quick two minute overview of the application: https://vimeo.com/261196170.

The Need for Better Coordinated and Informed Systems of Support 

As a parent of three children who have completed all or most of their K-12 education (two have gone on college, one is in high school), I have seen first-hand the negative impact of teachers failing to work together to understand kids' unique needs, or even to realize that they are piling on absurd amounts of often relatively meaningless homework. That isn't good teaching, it is a downwards spiral of exhaustion, emotional frustration, and a growing disdain for school. If there is limited coordination among teachers, the potential for more harm than good is higher than it needs to be.

This sort of systematic use of information and planning is even more vital when students have significant issues. Schools need to be able to better identify where students are at, how they are progressing, and how to get the answers about how to serve them best.

Many educators and administrators know that precious time is often wasted collecting and organizing data instead of effectively tackling what’s really matters: improving student outcomes. eduCLIMBER helps educators analyze student data to take action and evaluate impact.

Collecting multiple measures and data sets is a core function of eduCLIMBER

The value of a well designed data gathering and flexible reporting platform 

As an information technology manager with over 30 years of implementation and supporting systems for capturing, organizing, reporting, and analyzing information, I am impressed with many of eduCLIMBERS's strengths.

The ever growing sets of data at our disposal are of little use if they aren't easy to access and tie together. This is a strength of eduCLIMBER. You can easily import data from nearly any standardized norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, formative/summative assessment, and other sources.

eduCLIMBER’s smartFORMS make it easy to creative custom visual reports for teachers, admins, parents, support staff. User Dashboards make getting to the data and reports a snap.

With the right information readily available, educators can identify and create a continuum of supports for all students and evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of interventions. RtI (Response to Intervention) and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) become much more actionable and beneficial. eduCLIMBER is also great for managing, reporting on, and working to improve Student Learning Objectives (SLOs).


In this short video, educators discuss their experience before using eduCLIMBER and how this changed after they implemented the platform:

Much thanks to the folks from eduCLIMBER for partnering with me to put this post together. If eduCLIMBER looks like a solution you may wish to bring into your school, you can request a demo here.



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