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4 Great Apps to Help Students with Focus and Motivation


Staying on track and motivated to complete school work can be challenging. Here are a few apps that can help.

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to finish your assignment really soon because the deadline is closing in, but you just can’t seem to focus? Are you so tired of trying to succeed in breaking a bad habit that you just can’t keep yourself motivated to keep trying? We've researched and assembled a short list of apps that are designed to help people stay focused and motivated. Let’s take a look at how each of those apps works and what features they hold in store.

Cold Turkey Blocker – stay offline and focus on your work

Statistics tell us that an average teenager spends around 9 hours a day on social media. With so much attention wasted on tracking posts and scrolling down the news feed, it's almost impossible to stay concentrated on your work. This especially goes for those that just can't help themselves but check each notification, message, or any other sort of distraction.

Cold Turkey is a browser extension app that allows you to prevent access to a particular website or a list of websites for a certain amount of time. The app supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, which means that it works on both Windows and iOS platforms. The app is built for people who just can't stay focused on the work at hand, preventing them to stop in the middle of their work and spend time on Facebook or some other website.

The app works quite simple:

  • Create a list of websites you want to block
  • Set up a timer to how much time you need these websites to stay off limits.
  • Get to work

The app will display a motivational message whenever you try to access the site that's on your list. A nice added feature is the ability to put offline apps to your list. Additionally, once the timer is set you can't change it or put it on hold.

Alarmy – A noisy motivator

If the fact that your lesions are starting in 15 minutes doesn’t motivate you enough to jump out of the bed, this app will surely do the trick. Alarmy is a smartphone app that allows users to schedule an alarm which plays a disturbing sound that you can’t stop unless you perform a certain action.

There are three options to turn off the alarm once it’s on:

  • Take a picture – Before you set your alarm clock, take a picture of a room (preferably far from your bedroom) and when the alarm hits off you will be able to stop it only by going to your designated area and take the picture again.
  • Shake your phone – You need to shake your phone for a while before the alarm goes off.
  • Math problem – When the alarm hits, you need to solve a simple math problem in order to stop the distracting noise.

TomatoTimer – keep yourself motivated for the next milestone

Pomodoro technique is a time-management technique that’s been around for a while now. It includes setting time limits for each portion of the work you need to finish, followed by a short break.

TomatoTimer is a web app which allows you to use the Pomodoro technique and manage your work progress. One of the best practices is to reward yourself each time you hit a milestone. This will motivate you to finish your work before the time runs out. The app is completely free, there is no need to register or install any pieces of software. All you have to do is get on TomatoTimer website and start working.

Todait – the personal study manager

This amazing smartphone app allows you to keep track of your studies, providing you with series of useful feedbacks and analytics which will help you plan your studies better and keep you motivated for the work at hand.

Todait is so much more than just a simple scheduler. It’s designed for people with massive amounts of work and people who want to create a habit of routine studying but just can’t find the right motivation. It keeps track of your performance, analyzes your progress to let you know just how much work you need to put in daily in order to achieve your goals, reminds you when it’s time to start studying, and so much more.


Keeping yourself motivated and focused could be a puzzle, however, with these simple apps you can make your work much easier and effective. There are numerous other apps which you could utilize for the same purpose, we just hope these will do the trick for you as they did for so many other people.



  1. In this digital era, taking help of these portable apps is a wise option. I am obliged for this article, it is great help for many students. It help students to focus and motivate for better future.

  2. Nothing beats technology that averts one’s attention to their studies than technology as well. The apps you mentioned are fantastic, and it’s just what students need to focus and be motivated in their schoolwork. Thanks for your interesting article!


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