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Why Your Students Should Blog: 6 Powerful Benefits


Blogging comes in many forms, it addresses countless topics, and it can, without a doubt, be divided by its quality. But when it comes to education, blogging can be an excellent tool for improving a student’s involvement, excitement, and most importantly, writing skills.

The benefits of blogging are tremendous, especially for young people. They can develop much improved writing skills which will stick with them forever, their thinking muscles will be in continuous development, and they will also develop a better understanding of the world that surrounds them.

In today’s post, we present several reasons why all of your students should start their own, personal blogs.

1. Blogging Exercises Student Creativity

One of the best benefits that come as a result of blogging is that it allows people to express and hone their creativity. This can turn a boring paper into a fun creative process.

Bloggers always need to use their creativity and thinking to:

  • Develop unique and original content
  • Solve problems
  • Express their perspective and personality visually trough custom themes, headers, layouts, designs, and pictures.
  • Respond to their follower’s feedback and comments.

Besides, it’s also a fun and innovative process in which they can combine much of what they have learned.

2. Regular Writing Sharpens the Brain's Performance

The development of a student’s thinking may be the most important benefit that comes with blogging. Many specialists talk about the phenomenon of how daily writing (content, thoughts, experiences, fantasies, or anything you want) improves and sharpens your brain’s performance.

Blogging helps you connect the dots better and faster. You should encourage each of your students to develop their personal blog and create a portfolio around it – it’ll help them big time when they seek their first jobs!

3. Promote Expression of Self

In the traditional classroom, the student’s audience is mainly the teacher and perhaps, sometimes, parents and the classmates. If a student was to blog regularly, she’ll reach a broader audience, and can receive constructive feedback.

“Blogging gives students purpose, this being a crucial aspect of every person’s motivation. Also, when a student starts a platform, he’ll feel the need to consistently provide his audience with good information. These are aspects that truly can’t be found in the traditional classroom learning system.” – Jason Tyler, College Teacher and HR at AssignmentMasters.

4. Blogging Boosts Confidence

People that own blogs report critical changes in their lives. Many of them suggest that they have “found themselves” or that they’ve “finally understood”. This may sound like a spiritual breakthrough, but it is not.

In fact, what most people want to say is that their confidence levels have improved. They are no longer afraid to speak what they hold in their minds, and they feel less pressure to conform to the standards.

5. Improve Communication Skills

Writing, after all, is simply a type of communication that people use in order to exchange thoughts and feelings. Let’s keep it simple: if your students write something for their blog every day, they’ll express their thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis. The more they practice through blogging, the better communicators they’ll become.

6. Earn Income!

Are your students aware of how much money can be made with blogging? Are you?

Indeed, writing is a skill that never goes away. Just like you learn how to drive once, your writing skills will stick with you no matter what. Many bloggers find “side work” writing for extra income.

If your students want to take their blog to the next level, they can start monetizing it by doing affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting, and so on.


The world’s evolving. Along with it, so do many aspects of our existence. Ten years ago, very few people were affording an iPhone, only a few were able to access information on the web while mobile, and blogging was a relatively new thing. Now? Everything is slowly turning to digital. Blogging is a great way to reflect, sharpen writing skills, express yourself, and gain know-how that can benefit students in many ways!




  1. Hi! I’m a student and am really curious what a blog is, I’m really fond of writing and I really want to make a living out of it…I discovered I could use my writing skills while earning money and keep myself motivated on studying as well through blogs. Thank you very much, Mr. Mark!

  2. For me, Blogging is one of the best tools students can utilize to improve their writing skills and perform better in their university assignment writing.

  3. Blogging is one of the tools the students can utilize to improve their writing skills and perform better in their university assignment writing. Blogging can also earn the university student’s upkeep income if utilized well.

  4. Well, I am a student and I believe that blogging has really helped me a lot to express myself in a better way to the world in this field every day I learn a new thing and the learning process never stops well it is a good field.

  5. Brilliant article, thank you. Packed full of genuinely useful tips. I keep meaning to get to grips with education blog & latest school technologies. By utilizing these type of latest trends for students will really helpful for them. Even, now a days in education sector are using school software, tools & latest trends. By the way I really like your writing style, nice blog in deed!!

  6. Hi Mark,

    You have written quite an impressive and well-detailed article for the students. The points that have been mentioned here will surely help the new bloggers to start their journey. I try to stay updated through blogs frequently and a post like yours helps me do so. I would really like to Thank You for putting in the efforts. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. Thank you for sharing these 6 valuable benefits of blogging through your informative article. I must say, Blogging motivates students to become better readers and writers.

  8. Awesome article.

    I love all the points. One thing I love about blogging is it helps me learn more and more about the subject I am passionate about. I have to spend huge amount of time in research and learn more in order to write about it.

    Thanks for sharing the article. Will read some other articles on your blog as well.

  9. Blogging has helped me grow a community around my brand and helps me get in touch with people instead of smiply cold selling to them. Thanks for the article, it’s good <3

  10. Thanks Mike, and yes, you are correct, Mark chose an odd source to support his assertion in #2. I have removed the link (here it is, for those who might be curious: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nancyolson/2016/05/15/three-ways-that-writing-with-a-pen-positively-affects-your-brain/). Personally, I think it is important that students write frequently in both ‘analog’ and digital formats, for the different benefits, skills, etc. As that article supports, writing out notes by hand can help sharpen learning and retention.

  11. For me, blogging has helped me clearly articulate my thoughts and it has been encouraging to find out other people found them helpful. Not that my blog has been popular enough for me to achieve point #6 on your list!

    I do wholeheartedly agree with your points and I encourage many teachers to use blogs in the classroom and to create their own blog to highlight their best work.

    I also want to bring up your link to the Forbes article in point #2. It doesn’t seem to support your point at all. That article listed the benefits of writing by hand. I found it interesting, but it actually made me wonder if blogging (which almost certainly involves typing rather than handwriting) could make us miss some of other possible benefits of daily writing.


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