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How to Publish a Paid Course Using WizIQ


WizIQ Virtual Classroom and LMS software has been used by over 400,000 educators globally. WizIQ comes with an integrated eCommerce to collect payments online. You can create paid courses as well as paid classes/webinars from within WizIQ. You can view reports, track payments all within the platform. Navigating through the platform is hassle-free and seamless. The WizIQ is a complete eLearning platform, which means all your Academy’s work such as creating a course, tests and assessments, mLearning, and eCommerce transactions, happens within the platform. 

How to create paid online courses on WizIQ?

On the WizIQ platform, educators tutors can create self-paced courses and instructor-led courses. Self-paced courses are those that the learners take at their own pace. In the instructor-led courses, there is an option to include a live class which helps in real-time interaction with the instructor.  Learn how to create self-paced and instructor-led courses in simple steps on the WizIQ platform. For both these types, there is an option to specify the amount a tutor wishes to charge. In the links above, the steps to creating two kinds of courses are outlined. In the below mentioned ‘Steps’ the option to add the paid option is described.

WizIQ currently collect payments using Stripe gateway and will soon be adding PayU gateway as well, for collecting online payments. With the WizIQ eCommerce portal

  • Instructors can set their own custom Stripe payment Gateway and can receive the payments instantly.
  • Instructors do not have to pay any charges to WizIQ as WizIQ does not charge any commission on course sales through the custom payment gateway.
  • Safety of transactions is ensured as the eCommerce portal is PCI compliant.
  • It is easy to organize payment data and download payment reports in Excel format.

How to set the currency?

In the WizIQ academy, it is important to set the currency in which the online Academy wishes to charge its learners. Firstly, one would need to log in as an Administrator or Change role to Administrator within the academy.

The screenshot below helps you to locate the Admin role tab visually.

The next step would be to click on ‘Academy Settings.’  Here there are multiple options related to setting such as General Settings, User Management, Roles, Transactions, APIs & Plugins and Account Settings.

Upon clicking ‘Academy Settings,’ one will be directed to the page below. The administrator will have to click on ‘General Settings.’

‘General Settings’ has options to set color theme, Academy Logo, Favicon, Academy Heading (H1), About Academy and an option to Select Currency.

At the end of the page for general settings, the administrator can ‘Select Currency.’ There are multiple currency options from which the administrator can take his/her pick.

Once the choice of currency is set, then the payments will be collected in the chosen currency. The administrator can choose to change the currency in which to collect payments, at any point in time.

Now that the currency is set, the instructor can create a paid course on the WizIQ platform easily.

For Instructor— Steps to Creating Paid Course:

Once the instructor logs into the online WizIQ academy, he/she will click one of the two icons on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, to start building either a self-paced course or an instructor-led course. Both these courses have an option to be paid for or be shared for, free of cost.

Upon clicking either of the ‘Create’ course options, the instructor will be able to see these three options

  • Course Settings
  • Couse Schedule
  • Course Profile

For example, if the instructor chooses to create a self-paced course and now when the instructor sees the ‘Course Settings’ –he/she can choose from under the field ‘Select type of course’ – ‘Free Course’ or ‘Paid-One Time Purchase.’ If the instructor clicks on ‘Paid-One Time Purchase’ option, then he/she can specify the monetary amount in a blank field.

Under the ‘Course Settings,’ the instructor can specify ‘Courses will be visible for’ (all, registered members or by invite only members),  and can ‘Add co-instructor.’  There is also the option to ‘Specify Enforce Sequencing’ where learners will be forced to complete activities to proceed further within the course. The instructor can choose the option to ‘Enable Discussions’ in the course between instructor and students and among students. When the instructor clicks on ‘Next’ tab the instructor is taken to the Course Schedule where fields such as ‘Course Title’ and ‘Course Schedule’— where tasks/ activities can be added— are specified.

The rest of the course creation remains the same with the instructor being able to add activities such as Files Recorded Class, Test which he/she can upload during the creation of the test. Once these activities are filled in the instructor can move the ‘Next’ button which leads to ‘Course Profile’ prompts the instructor to fill in some more fields such as Title, Subtitle, Course Highlights, About the Course, uploading Course Logo Pic, and choosing Language of Instruction. Once the course is published, the instructor has successfully created a paid online course.

Upon creation of the test, this is how the course will come on the learner’s screen.

Student View

On the student login screen, the learner can see ‘Active’ and ‘Past’ courses. By clicking on the on the ‘menu’ icon, the student will be given three options to choose from

  • Courses – All the courses that the learner has ever signed up for will be visible in the courses section on the learner’s screen as ‘Active’ and ‘Past’ Tabs
  • Live Classes – If the learner has signed up for an instructor-led or scheduled course then this section will show the upcoming live class that the learner signed up for.
  • Catalog – The Catalogue has an exhaustive view of the courses available – paid and free floated by the academy. Usually, the paid courses are visible at the end of the page, or the instructor can also run a search according to filters such as courses which are i) Paid ii) Free and iii) Languages


By Choosing the ‘Paid’ filter, all the paid courses are brought to the screen. By clicking on the green colored ‘ENROLL NOW’ tab, the learner will be taken to a new view of the course where the student is taken to a short description of the course, details about the instructor. Here is another ‘ENROLL NOW’ button which the student clicks on and is prompted to give details such as

  • Order Summary: The software mentions the name of the course automatically.
  • Cardholders Name: The payee’s full name is required for billing formalities.
  • Card Number: The payee’s credit/debit card number is required.
  • Name: Name of the learner is required here.
  • Email: Email id of the learner is required in this field.
  • Country: Learner needs to specify the current country.
  • Mobile: The mobile number is required for payment confirmation.
  • Amount Payable: Mentioned automatically in the software.
  • PLACE ORDER: By clicking on this button, the page is redirected to the payment portal where the monetary transaction happens.

Once the learner completes payment, the course will reflect on his/her ‘Active’ course list.

Invest in the future

The WizIQ platform is a comprehensive platform which has benefitted many organizations with its multi-functionality which helps organizations and academies customize its functioning according to their needs.

The platform can be white labeled, and it has a mobile app which runs on Android and iOS phones, helping the online course to be consumed by students on-the-go. The platform’s award-winning HTML 5 WebRTC based Virtual Classroom component has helped tutoring academies to increase their revenue and reach out to more students. WizIQ’s inbuilt test and assessment, course builder, and reports and analytics sections and integrated eCommerce are parts of the puzzle which boost the online tutor and tutoring academy’s chances of creating value for learners and themselves.

Learn about some success stories of tutors, training institutions and corporates at WizIQ eLearning resource section.




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