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Use JotForm Cards to Collect More Actionable Data for your Classroom


JotForm, a popular online form creation software, has been a handy data collection tool in classrooms for several years. But now they have JotForm Cards, which is a one-question-per-page style of form that improves respondent focus and overall response rates.

Their original product placed its emphasis on the person creating the form, largely ignoring the experience of the students and parents submitting responses through them. But the brand new JotForm Cards is a big step in the right direction. The new form design is greatly improved; it’s easy to submit responses from a mobile phone; and there are lots of icons and emoji sliders that make the forms more interactive for the person responding.

For your classroom this means you get faster — and a higher volume of — responses.


Online forms can be a powerful digital tool for collecting valuable classroom insights and improving organization. JotForm makes it possible to digitize your entire inflow of student information, which makes it easier to stay organized and save paper.

Extracurricular Sign-up Forms

The days of hanging a printed sheet outside of your door as a way to sign up students for after-school activities are long over. The benefit of using JotForm Cards for this is that the ease at which students will be able to sign up allows you to ask a few more qualifying questions. Whether you’re having them sign up for the school paper, a school play or even a sport, you can ask about experience levels and preferred roles.

Assignment Submission

JotForm allows you to collect file submissions, making it a perfect way to collect assignments from students. This can even be a way to collect summer assignments if you have a link to the form on the school’s website. Wherever your students are during break, they can still send completed work.

Presentation Evaluations

JotForm Cards makes it incredibly easy to evaluate a student presentation while you sit in the back of the classroom with your tablet or phone. You can use standard input tables that include numbers, or you can use something more expressive like an emoji slider, which sometimes makes more sense for more subjective grading.


Permission / Consent

Using JotForm Cards to obtain parental consent and signatures is incredibly easy, since JotForm allows you to collect signatures directly through the forms — and from any device. That means instead of counting on students to bring home a slip, you email the parents directly with your form, and they fill it out effortlessly.

Because JotForm Cards is a much more mobile friendly form than before, parents can quickly sign and submit directly from their phones. No parent will be too busy or far from their desk to quickly respond to the permission form.

And if you needed to collect payments through your form from parents, it’s possible to do so directly through your form. Giving parents the option to simultaneously sign and pay makes it much less likely you’ll need to remind your students to bring back a signed slip and check.

Event Volunteering

Getting parents to commit to after-school volunteering is no easy task; it’s sometimes even harder than getting student participants. But using the right kind of online form can increase your odds.

The mobile readiness comes in handy the most with busy parents who might be interacting with your forms on the go. They can very easily detail what they’re bringing to an event, whose parent they are, what time they’ll arrive, and how long they can stay within a matter of seconds.

Regardless of the use, JotForm’s new “Cards” are an improved way to collect data for the classroom and beyond. It doesn’t change the price of using JotForm, either. JotForm is free up until 100 submissions per month, with plans starting at $9.50 per month after a 50% discount for educators.



  1. We threw out everything we thought we knew about online form design when we built Jot Form Cards. The new style asks form questions one at time, with human like interactions and gorgeous interface. Create Jot Form Cards because they look pretty. We created them to give your business better data. Jot Form Cards, we turned our focus to the people filled out your forms. We wanted them to be well served by Jot Form, even if they weren’t the ones collecting the information.

  2. It is an edifying article. We know that schools and colleges have started to use modern technologies inside the classroom to improve the overall learning to students. JotForm is well-liked online form creation software and it has been a useful data collection tool in classrooms for some years now. Now, students can make use of JotForm Cards to amass more actionable data for your classroom.


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