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Wakelet – Organize Digital Content for Projects, Assignments, Portfolios, Lessons and More!


Simple Free Web App is a Powerful Tool for Teaching, Learning, and Creating

Wakelet is quickly becoming one of the most powerful free EdTech tools, and we wanted to offer you an introduction to the platform, and show you some amazing ways that teachers and students are using it.

Wakelet lets you save and organize online content in any way you want. You can easily embed articles, videos, Tweets, podcasts, images and pretty much anything with a URL into a beautiful looking Wakelet collection.

Since the New Year we have seen a big increase in educators and students using Wakelet in many different ways, and we’re really excited about bringing in even more features for the education sector.

Here’s how educators and students are using Wakelet:


Educators and lecturers are using Wakelet to set assignments for their students across many different subjects and courses. The students search the web to find relevant pieces of research and content to create a story or a narrative. They can add social media posts, videos, images, podcasts, and articles as well as their own notes, which makes it the perfect platform to tell a story with content to back it up.

Students are usually marked on the strength and depth of their research, and how well they have managed to create a narrative in their collection.

It’s a great way to teach students the importance of research, and encourage them to showcase information in a modern, logical and visually engaging way.

Example: http://wke.lt/w/s/gaxwU

Saving research

A very simple use but a very effective one! Students and educators can save their online research into Wakelet (just like bookmarking). However, the reason why they love Wakelet so much is because they can organise their bookmarks and easily find them by using our filters. Students are finding Wakelet particularly useful when it comes to making sense of their researching, and organising it in a way that suits their study styles.

Example: https://wakelet.com/@BetsyWilkening7267


Another use for students and teachers is using Wakelet as a portfolio. They can save all of their work and achievements into one place and showcase it to the people that matter the most. This can include any published articles (for journalism students), photographs, podcasts, videos and even assignment documents. They can effectively create a digital CV using their Wakelet profile.

Example of a Journalism students profile: https://wakelet.com/@alicehearing

Share tips and resources

The majority of educators on Wakelet have told us that they love the ability to share resources with their students in an engaging and useful way. They’ve been able to help their students by creating collections of content from around the web, and sharing them during workshops and lectures.

Example: https://wakelet.com/@carolinescott


Dr Randall Sampson, CEO of Liberty Leadership Development says:

“Wakelet is an intuitive personalized learning portfolio. As  K-12 educators, we use Wakelet to capture, curate and share meaningful learning experiences.”

Kim Fox, Journalism Professor – American University of Cairo

“I find Wakelet has multipurpose use for education: organizing course materials in one place, recapping Twitter chats, ePortfolios and more. The ease of use is key; you'll be up and running with a new Wakelet account in no time. Finally, the Wakelet support team has been super accessible and supportive. I appreciate and value that.”

Brian Seymour, Director of Instructional Technology – Pickerington Local School District says:.

“Wakelet is a tool that Pickerington Local School District educators use to curate their personalized professional growth and students’ 1:1 technology experiences.”

Misbah Gedal who leads marketing at Wakelet says:

“The reaction to Wakelet as an educational tool has been incredible. With more students and educators using the platform than ever, we are looking to bring in even more features that will help Wakelet become as useful as possible for the education community.”




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