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Teaching and Tech Tweet Rundown, w/e 06-17-17


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

I spent Sunday through Wednesday this week traveling to and attending University Business's UBTech 2017 conference, so some of the content below naturally came out of sessions I attended. Cyber security was a big topic, as it should be. Most teachers probably wouldn't consider cyber an “ed tech” topic, but it deserves more focus in our classrooms. While cyber security is not about student outcomes, unless we continue to raise awareness (we are, after all, educators), the disruptions caused by cyber incidents are only going to increase incidents of identity theft, ransomware attacks, denial-of-service attacks, etc., distracting us from teaching and learning, and having a growing impact on our lives and our students' lives. Let's “Tech Safely” Folks! Okay, rant aside, there are plenty of other juicy tidbits in this weeks wrap … check out the positive impact QM standards can have on online learning (based on student feedback!), explore 10 great tips for teacher collaboration and 101 ways to keep kids learning over the summer, dig into change management (great for you techies and admins out there), and more …

Student Feedback on Quality Matters Standards for Online Course Design

Nobel Prize Winning Professor: Hey #HigherEd, How About Focusing on Teaching?

Snap – A Great Way for Students to Try Programming

Offline Student Activities with Mobile Devices

Come Explore the #FlippedLearning Network Podcast: Ask the FLN

Optimal Video Length for Student Engagement

From The Classroom To Your PLN: 10 Collaboration Tips For 21st Century Teachers

101 Ways to Make Your Kids Smarter – An Exhaustive List

Michael Fullan – Education Change Management guru and author

The Importance of Change Management in Facilitating Instructional Technology Adoption

Good Networking Security Resource & Sharing (shared in #UBTech2017 #Cybersecurity session)

Breaking Through The Lines: Non-linear Planning Provides Choice

Getting Ss engaged is nice, getting them INVESTED is far more meaningful! – Elliot Levine, HP 

If you're not failing sometimes, you're not trying very hard to improve and grow



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