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Educators – Share Your Instructional Technology Success Stories!



We all Love to Hear From Other Practitioners About Their Meaningful Uses of Technology to Improve Learning

As we head into a new academic year, I am reaching out to educators everywhere with hopes that many of you would like to share your favorite uses of tech in the classroom with your colleagues.

Anyone who has a story to share about a favorite tool, technique, resource, or experience is encouraged to do so. Just reach out through the Contact Form and I'll follow up. There are various ways to approach a guest post: you can write your story up and I'll work with you to polish it and get it ready to publish, or we can talk and work your story up together. Even if you just throw together a simple outline, that can get the ball rolling.

For those thinking about writing a guest post, here are some general guidelines I'd like to share:

– Typical post length between 800 and 1600 words
– Try to write in a blog-friendly style (shorter paragraphs, conversational tone)
– Provide sub headings to break up longer content
– Please provide an image to accompany the post, that you have permission to use
– Look at some of the posts in the “popular posts” section for a sense of image size, use of sub headings, etc.

I hope you'll consider sharing your work with others!

Of course, I also realize that you are probably crazy busy these first few weeks, so just keep this offer in mind, and maybe put a reminder on your calendar a few weeks out to think about it.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is intended for educators (I know there are a lot of writers out there looking to write guest posts, and some of you do a good job, but I get way too many writers who do not work in education submitting ideas or full articles that I can't use. If you don't work in education, you need to be willing and able to write informed, compelling, content that is useful and meaningful to those who do).




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