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LifeLiqe App: Amazing Hi-Res Visual Models for STEM Subjects



Bringing Learning to Life with Interactive Visual Models

This weekend I took at look at the LifeLiqe app. LifeLiqe is an app for iOS or Windows that provides over 1,000 content models for K-12 STEM subjects.

These models come in various forms. Many are interactive (such as the Lion Fish image in the video below). Some are just images, with parameters to focus on just one section of the model. One example allowed for zooming out and way, way in on a tree, down to a nearly cellular level.

The STEM subjects for which models have been created include the following. (I'm not sure this is all there is, the Windows app interface was a little cumbersome to me, but this is also the first actual Windows app I've tried.)

  • Human Biology
  • Animal Biology
  • Paleontology
  • Plant Biology
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Geometry
  • Culture

Here is an example of one of their interactive content pieces (I screencasted this – hope the folks at LifeLiqe don't mind me sharing it):

Looks like they may have some kinks to work out for this models (although others I tried all worked fine, but the Lion Fish is so cool looking I wanted to share it!). When I click on “Head” or “Eyes”, the head or eyes do seem to get highlighted, but the model doesn't turn around so they can be visible.

Nevertheless, this is still a pretty spectacular image with some nice interactive features, and it is one of a growing library of many different types of subjects. The application also has an “Augmented Reality” function where you can overlay the image (sans background) over what your camera is capturing.

LifeLiqe provides a free trial, then it can cost from US $9.99 to $14.99 per month, depending on whether you sign up for annual billing or monthly billing. You can see some of what it does on their web site (LifeLiqe.com), but you'll need the app to experience it further. There is a free trial (a month, or two, depending on selection) but you have to sign up with a credit card for either monthly or annual billing (you won't get billed until after the free trial period).

If you teach in STEM (one of the Biology or other life sciences in particilar), you may want to give LifeLiqe a try for some fun, interactive demos for your students. This is one of a growing number of fun, interactive, multi-dimensional digital content resources with AR and VR features that we are seeing emerging lately from the edtech marketplace.


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