Home Project Based Learning Have you Used Arduino or Raspberry Pi in Your Classroom?

Have you Used Arduino or Raspberry Pi in Your Classroom?



These Low Cost Easily Programmable Circuit Boards can be Used for Projects in Many Academic Subject Areas

I'm looking to share stories about teacher and student uses of these relatively inexpensive gadgets in their classrooms. For those not familiar with these, the device pictured above is an Arduino programmable circuit board. The one pictured below is a Raspberry Pi. These are two of the more well known breed of low-cost microcontroller devboards available these days for hobbyists, or for prototyping. Different models can be purchased for as little as (US) $5 or up to $50 or more.

Teachers and students have been using these types of devices in the classroom. The folks who make Raspberry Pi have published the Raspberry Pi Teachers Guide, and a teacher started this Arduino Classroom web site.

I'd love to share some stories about how teachers are using devices like these in their classrooms for fun and creative projects. Drop me a line if you have a story to share (we'll chat and I'll write it up)!




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