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Recorded Webinar: Web Apps for Interactive Classroom Collaboration


Exploring Powerful Web Apps for Interactive Classroom Collaboration

On Friday, July 6th, I conducted the first of what will be an ongoing bi-monthly series of webinars, hosted by the great team at WizIQ.

This inaugural webinar examined a bunch of free web tools that can be used by teachers and students to collaborate in or out of the classroom.

The recorded webinar is available for viewing here: 

Just click the “View” button in the lower right hand corner of the screen to access the video recording:

Following are the many of the tools and technqiues we discussed and in some cases, took for a spin!

  • Online, Collaborative Interactive White Boards such as WebWhiteboard and Twiddla
  • Google Drawings (an alternative way to collaborate whiteboard-style, but in this case the end result gets saved!)
  • Many different ways to use Twitter for collaboration
  • Using a Student Response System to help facilitate collaboration (we shared and tried my favorite SRS, Socrative)
  • The Google Doc “suite” (of course!), including Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Collabortive Brainingstorming apps, such as MindMeister and Bubble.us
  • Padlet (sort of a collaborative bulletin board, but really much more)
  • Using Video Chat/Conferencing tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom to bring collaborators in from outside of the classroom
  • The idea of using any social media platform that has a discussion feature, to facilite collaborative dialogue
  • We then moved onto Online “spaces” for longer term collaboration, such a Wikis, Slack, Learning Management Systems, and WizIQ  

The presentation itself includes a good deal of discussion about ways to use these tools for collaboration, as well as shots of some of the tools in action.

Thanks to all the participants (over 100!), and the great questions, comments, and tools they shared (unfortunatly, there was a glitch that prevented the chat from being discussed during the start of the session – that was interesting mostly because it showed the many places from all over the world that viewers were from!).

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The next webinar will be Friday, September , at Noon EST (topic to be announced soon)!



  1. Hi I read this article about the webinar, this is really very helpful and especially in today’s situation of coronavirus when schools and colleges required this. thanks for sharing

  2. Apps in schools can make students more interactive and activate better … From apps to support creative writing and collaboration, to flipped classroom and … Spellwizards is a fantastic web based app that aims to help young children in all …

  3. The webinar was informative. Interactive learning definitely make education better by making the whole studying process fun and easier.

  4. Most of them (Google apps, Twitter, webwhiteboard, Socrative, others) are totally free. Some of the others (Twiddla, Zoom, Slack, PB Works, for example) have free accounts available and premium features for a fee.


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