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Writing Article About Virtual Labs for Major Publication – Want to be Featured?



Are You Using Virtual Labs in Your Classroom?

I'm doing research for an upcoming article for a major higher education periodical about the use of virtual labs in higher education. I'll be looking to talk with educators who are experienced with these types of tools.

Education is experiencing an exciting expansion of digitized labs, and the new possibilities they offer students and teachers alike. Granted, nothing is quite the same as a hands-on experience, but virtualization brings new aspects to labs that “analog” labs don't offer. Widely varying scenarios, being able to do a lab that students might not be able to do otherwise, collecting rich sets of data, and lower costs are among the benefits that a virtual laboratory program can provide.

If you are a teacher (or student!) who has experience with virtual labs in college courses and you're open to discussing your experiences and being considered for inclusion in this upcoming article, please drop me a line through this Contact Form (note: it would be helpful if you put ‘Virtual Labs' or something similar in the subject line) and I'll reach out soon! And THANK YOU!





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