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Demonstrating the Flexible Functionality and Collaborative Potential of the Mondopad



There is a lot of Wow Factor in this Powerful Presentation and Collaboration Platform

Last week I wrote a post providing an overview of the Mondopad's functionality. This week I offer a video demonstration of the powerful system.

Some of the key functions of this large screen touch-responsive all in one system include:

  • Presenting – It's a breeze to present digital content on this large hi def screen
  • Annotation – The annotation tools are easy to use, with a stylus or just your hands
  • Collaboration – Connecting with others via built in, or 3rd party, video conferencing tools, or use web apps to collaborate
  • Digital White Board – Use the white board functionality to draw and/or collaborate
  • Video Meetings – The built in tools make it super quick and easy to meet with other Mondopad users, or your admin can build in 3rd party tools
  • Remote Control – Control the Mondopad using a tablet device or computer
  • Cast Other Computers to the Mondopad – Bring computers on your network up on the Mondopad and control them from the large touch-screen

Mondopad Demonstation

As the video attests, the potential applications of this easy to use system are tremendous.

When considering fulfilling requirements for large screen, interactive display units, you'd be hard pressed to find more self-contained solution that this. Part of what you get with the Mondopad is all-in-one functionality, supported by one vendor, and those are important considerations.

The education sales team at InFocus will work with any potential purchaser to put together a package that works for them and their school’s budget. The devices come in 57″, 70″, and 80″ sizes.

*Disclaimer: While this is not a paid review, InFocus is an advertiser on the site, and they did allow me to keep the demonstration unit.



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