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Announcing Our Summer Online Workshop, “Flipped Classroom Tools and Techniques”


Come join us in July for a 4 week online workshop to learn how other teachers are flipping the classroom and get hands-on with some of their tools and techniques.

– Registration is now closed –

The course will run from Monday, July 2 through Sunday, July 30.

Come and learn and get hands-on with excellent free tools and resources:

– Learn many ways in which more and more of today's teachers are using flipped classroom techniques to deliver course content outside of the classroom and devote more class time to review and reinforcement.

– Read about what's working for instructors using ‘reverse instruction', and what's not.

– Flip a video of your choosing and add a customizable quiz for free with new tools from TED-Ed.

– Learn about many great free educational video content resources available to you.

– Get hands-on and flip some of your own content using free screencasting apps and other free tools.

– Each week you will read and view course content and videos and participate in discussions about what you have learned. There will be hands on assignments in which you will use free web tools to complete assignments.

– Discuss your experiences with course participants and read about theirs – engage with other teachers!



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