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Over 300,000 Free Resources by Teachers, for Teachers (Filter by Grade, Subject, etc.)



Millions of educators are sharing their work, insights, and inspiration while selling and buying original and used educational resources (and yes, there are great free resources here too)!

Teachers Pay Teachers is a wildly successful online marketplace where teachers can find great resources created by other educators. Thousands of teachers are also supplementing their income by sharing high quality resources at affordable prices.

There are also literally hundreds of thousands of resources available here for free! It is super easy to filter these by Grade Level, Subject, and Resource Type, and find resources that work for your classroom. You can also filter by price, which I did here, selecting “Free”: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Price-Range/Free.

This partial screen shot shows the options that make it a snap to narrow down the thousands of resources to find those that can work for you:


Resources are rated on a 4 star scale, using 7 different criteria such as Overall Quality, Practicality, Creativity, and Clarity. There is also a separate rating scale for “Hard Goods” (i.e. physical items), which includes a Shipping Efficiency rating.

Getting Access to the Resources and Learning More




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