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5 Tips & Tech Tools for Students to Prepare to Study Abroad


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Students Need to Take Care of Important Basics so They can Focus on Academics, and Have a Great Experience

Students who seize the opportunity to study abroad gain an invaluable experience that offers a chance to open the mind to a world unknown and grow intellectually as well as culturally. You can’t prepare for everything when planning to go out of the country, but there are some tips and technologies you may find useful. Here are a few items to note and things to pack to ensure successful travels in the whirlwind of adventures about to ensue.

Prepare Your Foreign Tongue

It’s respectful and helpful to learn a country’s basic phrases, culture and etiquette. Don’t go in blindsided and be sure to prep before you go. Duolingo is a ‘serious game' (that is, an application that serves the purpose of educating) that you can use to discover and practice a different language.

Communicate via a Messaging App

When you’re in another country, it’s important to have a source of communication with your peers along with those back home. You likely won’t have the same kind of access to calling or text messaging with others, so try to download a messaging app that can be used universally by your classmates. For example, WeChat is a good app for communicating. It comes with free messaging and calling and offers language support that’s localized in 20 different languages and can translate messages to any language. In terms of safe traveling, it’s very important to have a way to connect with others.

Read Foreign Languages Through Word Lens

A powerful tool you can download is Word Lens. It’s an augmented reality app that utilizes your phone’s camera to scan different languages (think road signs and restaurant menus). Moreover, you don’t need an internet connection for this, something that’s often hard to find when you don’t know your way around town.

Understand the Currency

Most of those who study abroad do not have endless funds which is why having a currency calculator comes in very handy. Try Currency – it’ll convert another country's currency to your local currency to help you keep track and know how much everything actually costs.

Record Your Moments

The time you have studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make sure you record the adventures and the moments as much as possible. Maybe even invest in a Go-Pro so you can capture the most vivid in-the-moment experiences, share with the rest of the world through social media and relive an amazing experience. You won’t regret it.

These tips and technologies will help you get the most out of your experience, break the language barrier, maintain a budget, capture the moments, and remain connected to traveling buddies and friends and family. With these things all taken care of, you can focus on academics, while having the adventure of a lifetime!



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