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Learning About Fire Safety is Fun With Sparky the Firedog


Sparky-Brain-BusterWith National Fire Prevention Week (Oct 4 – 10) almost here, the NFPA is doing their best to make learning about fire safety fun for kids! Thanks to Sparky the Firedog and lots of creative tools and resources, helping young students learn how to prevent fires and stay safe is easy and enjoyable.

The latest Sparky resource is Sparky's Brain Busters app, free on iTunes and Amazon (for Android devices). The Brain Busters App is geared towards ages 9 to 11 and uses a Trivia game to test kids knowledge on a variety of subjects while they compete! Kids can play solo or in multi-player mode, and there's even a Classroom mode that lets teachers use the game to explore Common Core topics.

Players get to choose from three different levels – “Rookies”, “Stars”, and “Legends”. I tried all three levels and learned a few new things myself (did you know that Aesop wrote the classic fable The Grasshopper and the Ants?).

Here's a quick video overview of the app:

There is so much to learn from these resources! Did you know that the idea that “Mrs. O'Leary's cow” started the great Chicago fire in the late 1800's is more myth than fact? Or that there had been a big fire in Chicago the day before that exhausted local firefighters, adding one more challenge to stopping the ‘great fire' when it broke out? Learn all about it, and about the fascinating ‘I Survived' book series from author Lauren Tarshsis, in this video.

More ‘Sparky' Resources

There are lots of Sparky Apps available for free, and a whole web site, Sparky's School House, devoted to helping teachers use them in the classroom. Resources here include lesson plans, music and videos, and more. These resources are mostly geared towards Pre-K through grade 5.

Student can also play Sparky games and interact with other fun resources right on the Web at Sparky.org. This site is great for elementary grade levels.

Make it a point to remind students about Fire Prevention during National Fire Prevention Week (Oct 4 – 10) and have fun while you're doing it with Sparky the Fire Dog and the great free resources from the National Fire Prevention Association!




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