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Get to Know ClassDojo – Manage and Motivate Your Class With Ease (Totally Free)



In Week 11 of the Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge we checked out ClassDojo. As with many of the fun free tools we've been checking out, the feedback has been quite positive. K-12 teachers use ClassDojo to encourage students with positive feedback, make it easy to communicate with parents, and save time!

I could write more about it, but it's so much better to hear it straight from our reader's … teachers who have commented on the ClassDojo challenge page and provided enthusiastic and informative feedback!

Teachers Share Their Love for ClassDojo

“When I saw this app posted, I was elated!

I have taught students enrolled in our Teacher Ed. Preparation Program how to implement this app in their classroom since the app was released in August 2011!

The avatars are perfect for any grade level, Pre-K – 12th grade. The reports are visual reminders for students and parents – easily shared during parent conferences, class discussion (with the group reports), the “ding” reminds students of their monitored behavior, with FERPA issues the app makes it easy to “show” students their “award” on a cell screen without revealing the information to the entire class. , the easy access codes for parents and student access make communication between home and school easy and clear. Additionally, the reports make is easy to maintain comments in the event of a behavioral referral. The ease of classroom setup makes it the “darling” of teacher friendly apps! Class Dojo continually improves their app for the better! And the opportunity to share an idea or suggestion for improvement is a click away! With immediate feedback enhancing its likeability factor.

Class Dojo – its the ONE!

Thank you!”

– Ilna Colemere


“Magnificent application! No words can express the versatility of the tool! Above all it’s free and teachers love free tools.

It helps teachers to manage the class with the click of a button and gives all the info needed. Parents accounts can be created so that progress can be tracked from home as well.

The tool promotes motivation, positive behaviour, shares information with colourful and not so colourful (LOL) avatars and graphics.”

– Carmen Degabriele


“What a great app to share with teachers for classroom management. We are always looking forward ways to tie behavior to home….. awesome! Can’t wait to share, especially with our K-3 teachers!”

– Mary


“I LOVE THIS APP! I have been using Class Dojo since January of this year and it has transformed the behavior and communication in my classroom. When I introduced it, I had the students all create their own avatars to get them excited about the program. The students work to earn 50 points and they get a prize every time they hit the target. At the end of each day, we look at the class report and discuss what went well and what we can work on. The parents are also very diligent about checking the reports and continuing the conversation at home. Another teacher in my building uses it to track the class behavior rather than individual behaviors (kind of like a digital marble jar), and has also found some success.”

Jenifer Hollander


  1. Hi Kelly,
    While I have not tried out ClassDojo yet, one of my co-workers has started using it this year, and I’ve only heard good things. I knew that the app could be used for classroom management, but I was not aware that it could be used to communicate with parents. After reading this post, I think I’ll have to give it a try! Keeping track of points digitally would be so much easier than using physical objects like I”m currently doing.
    Thanks for the good read,


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