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Awesome Free Science & Geography Virtual Field Trip – From the Rainforest to the Desert! April 8th



The Nature Conservancy Offers Another Online Field Trip Through Their Nature Works Everywhere Program

Nature Works Everywhere gives teachers everything they need to start exploring and understanding nature around the globe with their students. In addition to free offerings that are always available online like, interactive games and lesson plans that align to Next Generation Science Standards and the National Geography Standards, they will be conducting a virtual field trip on Wednesday, April 8th.

Back in February, their first virtual field trip (which was recorded through Google Hangouts and YouTube and is available to watch on demand here) examined how one African farmer invented an ingenious method to help restore forestlands that had been lost to desertification. Despite being laughed at by neighbors and even his own family, this brave and brilliant farmer bought together several smart ideas to maximize the use of the rain that fell in the rainy seasons – he even put termites to work on his behalf!

In this second virtual field trip, which will be delivered live using Google Hangouts, will examine the role of water in two dramatically different biomes – the temperate rainforest Washington State and the Arizona desert. Learning how water affects and is affected by the people, animals and plants in these two distinctive ecosystems.

This free, live, easy to access event is geared towards students in Grades 3 through 8. You and your students will travel to the lush, rain-soaked splendor of the Olympic Peninsula and explore the urban watershed of Seattle. Then you’ll visit Arizona’s dry, desert landscape and take a tour down the Verde River, one source of water that nourishes this parched land. Here, people and other living things must adapt to a limited water supply, yet sudden and violent storms can dump seven inches of rain in a single night! Compare and contrast how water affects and is affected by the people, animals and plants in these two distinctive ecosystems.

This live event will start at 12:00 Noon EST and last about 40 minutes. Sign up here to participate.

You can also watch the virtual field trip live as a Google Hangout On Air on The Nature Conservancy’s Google + channel, live streaming on YouTube (at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7DzF7EQzd8) or at a later time at their convenience on The Nature Works Everywhere YouTube channel.

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This is the latest offering in a series aimed to build students’ knowledge of and emotional connection to environmental issues that are at the heart of The Nature Conservancy’s mission. So go ahead, sign up and be a part of the event!


  1. This virtual field trip looks awesome. However, it falls during our spring break. Is there a way it could be recorded and watched later?


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