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SelfCAD is Offering a 60% Discount to Students and Teachers


I'm a big fan of 3D printing, and we've had a few posts from the folks at SelfCAD, so I was open to sharing this discount with readers who might be interested – KW

We are pleased to announce that SelfCAD is now offering a 65% discount for all students and teachers. This is in order to promote the use of 3D modeling in the classroom and to make it easier to get started.

SelfCAD is an online 3D modeling and slicing software founded in 2016 by Aaron Breuer, who’s also the CTO. George Weinberger is the CEO. The Mission of SelfCAD is to make sure that 3D modeling and printing are accessible to everyone, including novice users who don’t have any experience in CAD software, hobbyists and students. 

The Problem SelfCAD Is Solving

Professional CAD programs are a bit hard to learn especially for students, and those that are easy to get started are limited in functionality.  SelfCAD provides an easy to use and professional CAD software which doesn’t require any additional software. Users can model, sculpt, and even slice their models all in one program.

It’s simple, accessible, and affordable yet powerful. Users can design and prepare their models for 3D printing easily without spending much time as expected.

SelfCAD is unique in that it offers a single Saas-based program for modeling, sculpting, animating and slicing. You don’t need any installation and it can be used in different devices, Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

Difference Between SelfCAD And Other CAD Programs For Education

There are several 3D modeling software solutions popular for students like TinkerCAD. SelfCAD is similar to TinkerCAD in its simplicity, however, it’s more advanced. You can design complex designs in SelfCAD using the advanced tools of SelfCAD. SelfCAD has Freehand drawing, 3D Sketching, Sculpting, and quick selection tools to help you bring your ideas to life quickly.

SelfCAD Discount For Students And Teachers

For general users, SelfCAD costs only $14.99/month or $139.99. Though there is a free subscription. The difference between paid and free accounts is that one can’t export their designs in the free account and the number of projects is limited to 5.

We are offering such a big discount in order to encourage students and teachers to venture into 3D printing and try SelfCAD. We are offering a simple yet advanced CAD program for entire classrooms. 

This is indeed a great opportunity for students and teachers who’ve been using TinkerCAD and now want something advanced and affordable for designing advanced models for 3D printing. Beyond the classroom setting, SelfCAD is helpful to the students who would like to advance their skills later as it gives them a good foundation in 3D modeling.

To get the discount, go to the pricing page through this link https://www.selfcad.com/pricing and then use the Coupon Code “ Education”.

If you’re not a student or teacher, you can sign up for the free version and you will get access to almost all the features except you can’t export your models. But $14.99/month isn’t a lot when it’s compared to the benefits you can receive with this professional CAD program. 



  1. Hi Arash – Their regular pricing is shown on that same page (also, I am not sure that the discount still holds as this offer was made a year ago).

  2. With the discount you can choose between subscription or one time purchase. If I choose subscription am I risking to pay a much higher fee next year?


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