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Dozens of Ways to Use Comics and Cartoons in the Classroom


Making Learning fun with Cartoons and Comic Strips!

In December, having been inspired by Emily Wierszewski's “Teaching Visual Rhetoric with the ComicLife App” session at the 2014 TLIPAD Conference, I had a lot of fun putting together an article featuring 20 Free Tools for Making Comics and Cartoons for Teaching and Learning.

Over the recent holiday break, I had a blast using one of these apps – Pixton – as the main element in creating this video to accompany my original song Lotto Dust.


In today's article, I wanted to further illustrate (pun intended!) the potential for using original comics and cartoons by searching out lots of ideas for using these fun applications in teaching and learning. It didn't take too long to find plenty of great articles sharing ideas for ways to use these fun applications in the classroom!

These resources offer dozens and dozens of approaches to using free comic and cartoon creation software in classroom lessons, projects, and other teaching applications:

If you have some other ideas for, or experiences with, using comic and cartoon making software for teaching and learning, please do comment and share!

In the meanwhile, enjoy “Lotto Dust”, created with the powerful free comic strip application Pixton. While this particular use of the software was not intended for the classroom, it certainly offers a “life lesson”!


  1. I use Make Belief Comix as a daily journal. Students create a daily comic strip and put it into PowerPoint. Student are supposed to create it using vocabulary words from their core classes and integrate other classwork into their entry.


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