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Remind101 – A Free Tool for Text Messaging Students and Parents


3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tip Video Shows how Easy it is to Text Message or Email Groups of Opted-In Students and Parents With Remind101

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the powerful possibility of teachers and administrators being able to communicate with students using text messaging programmatically (that is, without having to use their own phones to send texts).

I noted at the time that I was not aware of any tools that would let you do this. In fact, we had created our own, linked to our Student Information System, (which I am proud to say won an award)! Well, here we are just a few months later and BAM! there's an app that let's teacher send text messages to students through a web interface, for free. It will also send the same messages to email, and you can let parents or other teachers opt in if you wish. Pretty cool.


Check out this new “3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tip” video, about Remind101:

Remind101 is a pretty awesome free tool. Note that it is for outgoing communication only – the students and others that you send text messages to cannot reply. That's really a good thing though, as who wants to deal with having to monitor and follow up on that.

The simple ability to send reminders and information with incredible ease, and know that it will go to your students text messaging apps where they will actually look at it (instead of ignoring it because, let's face it, email is for parents, kids avoid it like the plague) is pretty awesome. As is “free”. I am definitely a fan of Remind101.



  1. Another thing that I love about Remind 101 is that it serves as a form of documentation of communication. When a student or parent tries to say that you didn’t tell them or remind them of something, you can prove that you did! I am also excited at the opportunity to send phots with Remind 101! I promote use of Remind 101 every chance I get. I just told my daughter’s coach about it!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Remind101. As a member of the R101 teacher advisory board and longtime user of the service, I realize the value of instant communication with students and families. I just hope more people get to experience Remind101 as a leader in edtech and communication. Perhaps they will from reading your post.


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