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What do you Want to Know about Education and Instructional Technology? (Win $50!)


Please Help us to Better Understand What you Want to Learn About (and win a $50 Amazon Gift Card in the Process)!

There are so many tools and approaches to leveraging technology in teaching and learning. EmergingEdTech would love to hear from our readers and better understand what they are most interested in learning about education and instructional technology. We've put together a brief survey (just 7 questions!) to help us gather information, which we will summarize and share after we close the survey in a few weeks.

To encourage participation, we are going to send a $50 Amazon Gift card to a randomly selected participant!

Amazon Gift CardSorry! The Survey Closed on 4/5/14 –
Results are posted HERE

We've got a few questions here to help us identify differences between the interests of educators working at different grade levels and in different roles, followed by a few questions focused on different types of technologies, goals, and challenges. This is by no means “all inclusive” so PLEASE use the ‘Other' Comment fields in the latter questions to tell us about things we didn't list that you want to include.

Thanks so much for taking a little time to do this!

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