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Flipped Classroom Presentations at Upcoming Ed Tech Conferences – See You There!


This year's “Flipped Classroom Presentation Tour” starts next month!

This spring and summer I will be traveling to a number of different conferences where I will be delivering different presentations focused on the Flipped Classroom. It would be awesome to meet some EmergingEdTech readers and talk about how you're using technology in your classroom.

Will you be going to any of these conferences? I hope you'll stop by and say hello!

NERCOMP Annual Conference

NERCOMP annual conference

WHEN: Match 24 – 26

WHERE: Providence, Rhode Island

CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.educause.edu/nercomp-conference/2014

My Session: Getting Started with Flipped Instruction at Your Institution

This session will be co-presented with David Gannon, Associate Director of Academic Computing & Media Services at Bryant University. We'll discuss some of the fundamentals you should know to successfully introduce flipped classroom techniques in higher education classrooms. We'll examine the “whys and the hows” of flipping the classroom, share some specific techniques to employ, and examine empirical evidence supporting the success of the practice. The session will wrap up with a demonstration of a number of the tools and applications that can be used and some thoughts on strategies for moving forward.

UB Tech 2104

UBTech 2014

WHEN: June 16 – 18

WHERE: Las Vegas, NV

CONFERENCE LINK: http://ubtechconference.com

My Session: Flipped Classroom Success Stories (and How to Make Yours Happen!)

In this session, participants will learn the fundamentals they need to keep in mind for successful introduction of flipped classroom techniques, and examine numerous measured flipped instruction successes in institutions of higher education.

FlipCon 14flipcon logo

WHEN: June 23 – 25

WHERE: (near) Pittsburgh, PA

CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.flippedlearning.org/flipcon14

My Session: Beyond Screencasting: Alternative (Free) Tools for Creating & Customizing Flipped Learning Content

In this session, we will spend 5 to 10 minutes examining the basic functionality of a number of excellent free Web applications that can be used to create flipped learning content. We consider examples of how these tools can be used in the flipped classroom, and review some of the unique capabilities that each app has to offer. We will also discuss participant’s experiences with these tools and strive to get a sense of which of them the group considers the most beneficial for flipped teaching and learning. Applications to be examined include:  Metta.io,  Ed.ted.com,  Lessonpaths.com,  Movenote.com,  Tackk.com, and others.

Hope to see you out on the road!

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